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BY BILL FERRIS I’ve been a dedicated Firefox user for years because of its wondrous catalog of extensions. I like Google Chrome, too — from its load time to how it accesses pages, everything about it is fast, fast, fast. But I never made the full-time switch because it didn’t have all my geeky extensions. […]

BY BILL FERRIS Wallwisher gives your students a set of interactive sticky notes they can use to post questions or ideas. Once you set up your Wallwisher account, you’ll get a shareable URL. Students can post their comments and questions simply by double-clicking the wall and typing their notes. They can also add pictures, links […]

BY BILL FERRIS This week’s by the numbers segment shows you easy ways to be more productive, as well as the tools to help you do it. Read all about it after the jump. Stripped GTD: 3 Habits That Make You More Productive If you’ve heard of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system but are […]

BY NICK YINGLING Today’s MBTN is a little short because I don’t subscribe to the same newsfeeds as Bill, so I apologize and beg for your mercy. These two are about going back to school, which, for a good number of you, is very soon. I’m also going to cheat a little bit by calling […]

BY BILL FERRIS mySchoollog is an organization and productivity tool created specifically for students. Kids can keep track of their assignments, quizzes, grades, course schedule, and even upload their notes and files. Students can enter tasks into their to-do list, sorted according to subject (labeled as “lesson” in this app). Students can also download their […]

Venerable note-taking app Evernote has rolled out a few new features that ought to help you and your students. You can now send Twitter messages directly into your Evernote account, use Evernote on your iPhone, or find tips on how you can use Evernote on their tips blog. You can also read the general Evernote […]

Five Best Note-Taking Tools Back when I was a student, we had to take notes with a pen and paper. Today’s learners have a lot more options that take advantage of online technology. Lifehacker presents this list of the top five ways to take notes (don’t worry, my trust old pen and paper made the […]

I have a love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart. Shopping there can be unpleasant, as I always seem to get stuck in an aisle behind a family of six who can’t find what they’re looking for; however, I still shop there because I know I can find anything I want. Well, is like the Wal-Mart of […]

When will Google quit? They seem to want to invent everything that hasn’t been invented yet and reinvent everything that’s already been invented. One recent contribution is Google Notebook, which, as you might guess, is an online note-taking site. The main advantage to using Google Notebook might not even be considered an advantage by some […]

I’m taking a professional development class at UNC this semester. On campus, I’m amazed at the beauty of the campus, how young the students look, and how I’ve completely forgotten how to take notes in class. I didn’t really notice this until I reviewed for our midterm exam and saw that I’d confused “taking notes” […]