Mark a web trail with

October 15, 2010 is a link aggregator that will take as many links as you’d like to feed it and generate one short URL. Since students sometimes have a tendency to wander while online, this could be a great tool to keep them focused on the task at hand.

Can't keep up with your files? Dropbox is the app for that

September 1, 2010

Dropbox is a web service that allows you to store up to two gigabytes of data online for free. Install the Dropbox application on any computer or mobile device you own and get instant access to all your files with a simple login.

A smorgasbord of graphic organizers at Eduplace

June 1, 2010

BY: REBECCAH HAINES Has this situation ever happened to you? You’ve gotten word of a last-minute assembly at school. The daily schedule is about to change, and your classes will only last 30 minutes. That awesome inquiry lab you had … Continued

Monday by the Numbers

September 14, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS This week’s by the numbers segment shows you easy ways to be more productive, as well as the tools to help you do it. Read all about it after the jump. Stripped GTD: 3 Habits That Make … Continued

mySchoollog organizes students' lives

July 7, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS mySchoollog is an organization and productivity tool created specifically for students. Kids can keep track of their assignments, quizzes, grades, course schedule, and even upload their notes and files. Students can enter tasks into their to-do list, … Continued

Random roundup: Little Johnny

May 13, 2009

Welcome to May’s random roundup. This month’s theme: Little Johnny, one-man stand-in for school-aged children the world over. After a year-and-a-half of hard work, we figured this overused cliche deserved a post of his own before he gets back to … Continued

Time-savers for teachers

April 29, 2009

Planning lessons that will keep a class engaged and motivated takes enough time on its own without adding all the other things teachers have to contend with like parent meetings and conferences. Here are some time-saving tips that teachers can … Continued

iGoogle, they Google

April 7, 2009

As a graduate student and educator I found it more and more difficult to balance my day-to-day without some organizational assistance. I was constantly checking my calendars, and putting bookmarks on every website I found so I could read it … Continued