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I’m at the NCTIES conference in Raleigh. The intro session featured Vicki Davis of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Renowned for using nifty tools in her teaching, she shared a great philosophy for integrating technology into your classroom: focus on what you want to DO, and THEN pick your tools. Deciding you want a blog […]

Inspiration is the gold standard for mind-mapping and graphic organization, and until recently, has been a licensed program tied to a machine. The company has followed the crowd to the cloud, and recently released MyWebspiration, a web-based version of the software you either have and love, or have seen and heard about and want to […]

When making diagrams the old fashioned way, if you’re not careful you can ugly up what should be a simple process. White boards and paper easels fill up quickly, and the combination of bad handwriting and thick markers can obfuscate the simplest ideas. And heaven help you if you try to create a diagram in […]

Grading can be the bane of any teacher’s existence, especially when it’s not just a matter of comparing a bubble sheet to an answer key. A teacher can spend more mental energy grading a paper or a proof or a problem or a project than the student spent doing it. David Allen’s popular productivity system […]

Last week, I really felt like I was truly connected, just surfing along on the web’s many superhighway tubes. I cruised over to TED and watched a video of Anand Agarawala presenting the BumpTop desktop. Just as my web surfing was getting so pitted and rad, I noticed that this presentation was from way back […]

Many people are happily using Google Docs as a free alternative to costlier productivity suites, but did you know that there are templates for Google Docs, too? While not huge, the Google Docs Templates directory has some valuable tools to help you get the most out of Docs with very little effort. Students can grab […]

With so much information available to them on the world wide web, students sometimes need a little guidance when doing research. The million dollar question for educators is how to guide students’ research easily and effectively. A teacher could create a wiki containing links, images, and videos, but this requires a bit of time, which […]

There are lots of desktop calendar programs out there, and they all boast similar, if not the same, features. You know, your basic shared calendar, maybe an e-mail client built in, a place for notes or a to-do list, a saved contact list. But there’s more to your day than just your appointments and to-do […]

What’s your classroom layout? Do you have the desks in classic row setup? U-shaped? Circle? Whichever setup you’re currently rocking, maybe you should think of switching things up a little. A change of scenery is a great way to recharge your brain and your students’ brains. Maybe even add some plants for atmosphere. What you […]

I’ve got to be honest: one thing that bugs me (perhaps too much) about Soshiku, a brand-new web site that helps students keep track of their homework, is that it’s ad-supported. Must students constantly be marketed to while they’re trying to learn? It’s bad enough that some schools make deals with fast food franchises. But […]