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Where’s my Droid is a free application that helps you find find your lost Android phone.

Skype in the Classroom is a free and simple database of educators who want to collaborate with other teachers, using Skype. You add your name and your connections to other teachers grows.

Social-media app foursquare presents several opportunities for learning, ranging from field trips to organized meetings to site-based research.

After some testing and feedback from users, the latest Beta version of Skype now offers 10-way calling.

The Library of Congress Virtual Tour iPhone app is free at the iTunes store and features galleries of exhibits along themes such as the Bible, Creating the United States, and Exploring the Early Americas.

The American Civil War Augmented Reality Project uses tablet computers or smart phones to snap pictures of a battlefield site, then superimposes Civil War-era photos of the same areas along with information about the site, showing the battlefield as it looked during the war.

This article also appears on LEARN NC. BY CINDY PHTHISIC A class of second-graders sits and waves to themselves on screen as the teacher tests the web camera. The students know they’re about to make a video call using Skype. This is the first time they have ever heard about Skype, so they are not […]

BY BILL FERRIS Are you one of those forward-thinking teachers who uses smart phones and text messages in class? Do projects like a 21st Century scavenger hunt make you excited? I’m going to go ahead and assume the answer is yes (a bold assumption I know, but please humor me) so I can tell you […]

BY BILL FERRIS The scavenger hunt, the good twin of the wild-goose chase, can be a fun way to exercise students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. This video from Howcast shows you how to put together a scavenger hunt using modern tools like cell phones and multimedia. Using smart phones, the hunters in the video solve […]

BY BILL FERRIS If you use the polling program Poll Everywhere, they’ve just added a few more features. Audience members can now add Tweets directly to your PowerPoint slides (you can still moderate them before displaying, of course). You can also collect donations for your fundraiser via MobileCause. And just in case you’re thinking of […]