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Before you confiscate your students’ phones this year, take a look at these posts to see if you can put those little devices to work in your classroom. Special ed [heart] Jott How to use your cell phone for education: Mobile podcasting Use cell phones to poll your students Gcast: We Don’t Need No Stinking […]

Can’t get your school district to pony up the cash for an expensive interactive whiteboard with a clicker system? Well, you can take care of the whiteboard part of that set-up here, but how to get the response system? Thanks to the folks at Poll Everywhere, all your students need is a cell phone. You […]

You may already know about Jott, a fantastic cell phone service that will convert your voice to text. You may have wondered, “how is this useful for me besides giving me another way to make a shopping or to-do list?” I wanted to highlight a couple of uses that are especially suited for Special Education. […]

Have you ever needed the answer to some pressing question, but found yourself no where near a computer and yielded only a cell phone to get your answer? I know I’ve been there many times, especially when traveling, and while you can sometimes text message search engines (or call a web-savvy friend), you can’t always […]

The first time I heard someone talk about Seesmic, I thought to myself: “This person has to be saying it wrong. ‘Seismic‘ is a word, and it’s not pronounced ‘seesmic’!” Well, although it is very rare for me to be wrong about something (really, very rare), I was in this case. And not only was […]

Okay, so you know how to create a mobile podcast. Your phone has a lot of other bells and whistles, too. Today you’ll learn to make the most of your camera phone. Pictures and videos are probably the least-used cell feature by the over-30 set, and the most used by folks under 20. Catch yourself […]

I know, we’ve all seen ugly examples of cell phones being used to message in class, start fights, and film teachers behaving badly, BUT you can use cell phones for the forces of good in education. I’ve recently upgraded my cell phone to a “smarter” model, so I’m discovering lots of cool things, many of […]

Sure, your phone plays music, surfs the Web, sends email, and has GPS capability (and you can, you know, talk to people with it, too). That stuff is cool, don’t get me wrong, but we’ve only scratched the surface of what these handheld powerhouses can do. Now, with one simple download, you can give your […]

So let’s be honest, most of us can’t afford fancy digital video cameras, and if even we could, we wouldn’t carry them around all the time. That’s why whenever something exciting happens, everyone whips out their trusty cell phone cameras in order to document it. The problem, however, is that they are phones first, and […]

Let me tell you a story. It’s about standards (like writing, and oral presentation). But it’s also about engagement, and having students create media and image-rich reports. When they get together, well that’s a love story that ends with a beautiful marriage of content, visuals and, most importantly, dear teachers, learning. Who wouldn’t want that […]