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This Day, a website by Nikon, is a beautifully rendered look into historical events that happened in the past on the day you visit the site.

HistoryPin invites users to upload images from the modern day in conjunction with images of the same places from yesteryear, allowing the viewer to see the changes of a locale located on an interactive map. Along with the images, users are encouraged to write a “story” behind the picture.

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Images — so useful in education, yet so convoluted in copyright explanations that many people fear using them. But if you wade into the waters of Creative Commons you can find millions of available images, ready to be used, modified, and shared. One of the more common image sites is Flickr, […]

BY BILL FERRIS It’s that time of year again when lazy bloggers rehash old material under the guise of “Best of” lists rather than come up with new stuff. Instructify is no exception. Below are the top 10 Instructify posts of 2009. The rankings were determined via a combination of Google Analytics, retweets, and the […]

BY BILL FERRIS You can use portfolios for everything from exhibiting student projects to creating a teaching portfolio. Back in my day, though, building a portfolio meant shelling out a few bucks for a three-ring binder and those plastic pageholders — and then I had to spend way more time than I budgeted for stuffing […]

BY BILL FERRIS Just because you don’t know web design doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice-looking website. Wix lets you create a Flash-based website from one of their many templates, or build a site from scratch. Here’s a sample site I made in about five minutes. Wix templates allow you to create sub-pages, upload […]

BY BILL FERRIS As school budgets dwindle and schools focus on high-stakes testing in core subjects, some schools see art programs as the go-to budgets to slash. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and projects out there for art teachers that don’t cost a dime. The following are five of Instructify’s favorite free tools […]

BY BILL FERRIS Pics4Learning is another handy resource for teachers who need images to use in class that: 1) look cool, and 2) won’t get them in trouble for copyright violations. According to the Pics4Learning site, “Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated […]

For this month’s random roundup, we’ve selected the Library of Congress, our nation’s storehouse of pretty much everything worth knowing. As you’d expect, a lot of great resources for teachers have been derived from the Library. See your tax dollars at work.

BY BILL FERRIS It’s hard to believe that Google figured out how to search for my house from space before getting around to searching for photos licensed under Creative Commons1. According to the Google Operating System blog (not affiliated with Google), Google Image Search now lets you narrow your results to pics that carry the […]