Physics is phun at Physics Central

July 1, 2010

BY REBECCAH HAINES I have never been a big fan of physics.  I’m more of a biology gal.  However, if I did like physics, or if I were required by law to teach it (which of course, I am), I … Continued

Guess what you can do at

March 12, 2010

BY REBECCAH HAINES Now this is what I like in a website name – straightforward, telling you like it is.  There is no doubt as to what you’ll find at That’s right, you’ll find websites to help your students … Continued

Tuesday by the numbers

July 21, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS In this week’s by-the-numbers edition, read about the things you need to know before going 1:1, find the best free web-design tutorials, and read the heartwarming story about how the 112th element finally became a real boy … Continued

Random roundup: Library of Congress

June 17, 2009

For this month’s random roundup, we’ve selected the Library of Congress, our nation’s storehouse of pretty much everything worth knowing. As you’d expect, a lot of great resources for teachers have been derived from the Library. See your tax dollars at work.

Old school calculator: make your own slide rule

June 12, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS “Back in my day we didn’t have those fancy calculators,” my dad used to say. “We had to use slide rules.” Which was his way of telling me he wouldn’t be much help with my math homework. … Continued

WolframAlpha answers just about everything

June 4, 2009

Perform searches of computational knowledge BY JASON DON FORSYTHE WolframAlpha is an ambitious knowledge repository that functions similar to a web browser. It’s important to note the difference between a knowledge repository and a search engine — this isn’t a … Continued

An MIT education for free: MIT Open CourseWare

June 3, 2009

Looking for ideas or resources for your class? MIT Open CourseWare is there to help.  Yes, the same MIT that everyone hopes their engineering-focused little one gets into has created a free and open resource for anyone in the world … Continued