Turn an explanatory writing assignment into a podcast

January 5, 2011

The act of explaining how to do something has been a staple writing assignment for a long time. Podcasting those instructions promotes not only technology, but also requires students to focus on voice and writing for an audience.

Bring classic radio programs into your class with RadioLovers

December 20, 2010

RadioLovers has archived old radio shows from the pre-television days. Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, and Laurel and Hardy are just a few among the classic voices kept alive at this site, which features free downloads of the files in MP3 format.

Chop up audio files with Online MP3 Cutter

August 24, 2010

Online MP3 Cutter allows you to quickly and easily take an MP3 file and cut a section out of it. The entire process takes about 10 seconds, and best of all, you don’t lose an iota of sound quality in the process.

Podcasts made easy with Vocaroo

April 15, 2010

BY KEVIN HODGSON If you have a microphone, even a cheap one, and access to the Internet, then you can create a simple podcast. Vocaroo is one such site designed for simplicity. You plug in a microphone, click the green … Continued