Monday by the numbers

August 3, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS This week’s MBTN features an express flight to Mars, Web 2.0 project ideas, alternatives to book reports, and online sites where you can learn a new language. Read about all of it after the jump.

Manage your class online with LectureTools

June 3, 2009

BY BILL FERRIS Students have gotten used to doing things electronically. Your classroom doesn’t have to be an exception thanks to LectureTools, a learning management thingy from the University of Michigan. Developers designed LectureTools with huge, impersonal college lecture courses … Continued

Random roundup: NASA

April 8, 2009

It’s time again for our random roundup. This month’s theme: NASA, pioneers of space and subjects of an awful lot of posts. Do-it-yourself is in, even with podcasting at NASA! It seems that every time you turn around these days … Continued

Do-it-yourself is in, even with podcasting at NASA!

March 31, 2009

It seems that every time you turn around these days someone’s encouraging you to complete a DIY project.  Why pay for someone else to do it when you can do it yourself?  Apparently, NASA has the same attitude on its … Continued

Take a peek at BookWink

March 31, 2009

Reading is an essential skill that every kid should get excited about. Unfortunately, reading is often seen as a chore and busy work by students everywhere. If only we could find a way to harness tools on the web to … Continued

This American Life: when banks go bad

March 17, 2009

In my own geeky world of talk radio programs, This American Life adds a little bit more of a storytelling element than most programming on National Public Radio. To me, anyway, the TAL team’s stories can arguably be considered more … Continued

Monday by the numbers

February 9, 2009

Walden, and 99 other Free Online Books Every Student of Humanity Should Read The Universities and Colleges blog presents this list of 100 classic works of literature in the public domain (that is to say, free). The books are available … Continued