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Being proactive in setting a social media policy for your school sets clear expectations, making it less likely that you or someone you work with will write something embarrassing or inflammatory online.

NBC is hosting a series of live summits on the topic of education in the coming weeks, including a September 26 teacher online summit that features educators from around the country.

BY BILL FERRIS Happy Monday, dear readers. To ease you back into the work week, I thought we’d begin with a fun ice breaker. (Well, I think it’s fun. Your actual fun may vary.) Consider the tattoo in the picture. Someone, quite possibly a mad scientist, has gotten the entire periodic table tattooed on his […]

BY BILL FERRIS In this week’s by-the-numbers edition, read about the things you need to know before going 1:1, find the best free web-design tutorials, and read the heartwarming story about how the 112th element finally became a real boy got a name. More after the jump.

You can have a say in America’s science achievement standards. ACT seeks nominations for the National Assessment of Educational Progress for fourth-, eighth- and 12th-grade science. Naturally, they want some Cracker-Jack science teachers to help out, as well as science professionals and university faculty. The standards-setting process encompasses two studies taking place October 7-11, 2009, […]

It’s time once again for me to harrangue you about Instructify’s comments policy. We moderate all comments, so if your brilliant reply to one of our posts doesn’t show up right away, we’re not ignoring you. We’ll approve comments as fast as we can (FYI, that usually occurs more quickly during business hours). However, once […]

Unless you were living under a rock (like Mr. Snail over there), you’ve probably heard about the recent federal stimulus package. You’ve probably also heard that some of that money will be for schools and education. Now that the legislation has passed, and been signed by President Obama, you may wonder, oh reader, what does […]

Since I got an Android phone for Christmas, I’ve been yammering to anyone who will listen about how cell phones are the great technology equalizer — you can use phones to surf the internet, send email, create podcasts, share photos, as well as, you know, talk to people. Even high-end phones are much less expensive […]

If you’re new to the site and are wondering why your snappy, insightful comment didn’t show up after you submitted it, don’t worry, we didn’t delete it. Instructify moderates comments for all first-time posters. This is an educational site, after all. Nothing will trigger your school’s firewall faster than a bunch of spam slipping through. […]

Education Week is holding their Back-to-School Open House. From September 1-7, you can access all the site’s premium content. In their own words, “enjoy full FREE access to absolutely everything!” Education Week has lots of info on important K-12 issues. Now’s your chance to read up on what’s going on in educational policy without spending […]