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InterroBang, a game of real-life missions that challenge students’ creativity and problem-solving skills has just launched their second edition, which runs until January 31, 2011.

In Karma Tycoon you build and maintain homeless shelters, performing arts centers, and other facilities designed to make a positive impact in a community. Apply for grants and loans to bankroll your philanthropy, and the more people you help, the better your karma score.

Let me start off by saying InterroBang is both ambitious and potentially time-consuming, but it’s also a really cool idea. In a nutshell, InterroBang is a game that sends you on real-life missions of discovery and learning.

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE If you’re like me, you remember with fondness long nights with your friends, your trusty plastic icosahedron, pencils and paper, and junk food. I’m talking about Dungeons and Dragons of course, the game many of us geeks played when we were younger and had a lot more time on our hands. […]

BY MELISSA THIBAULT Media specialists and information-literate teachers have been teaching students the Big6 Skills Model of Information Problem-Solving for years. By using this research approach, students can easily master the six-step process (just three steps for K-2!) and take responsibility for both the process and the product of their research. This is an important […]

BY BILL FERRIS The scavenger hunt, the good twin of the wild-goose chase, can be a fun way to exercise students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. This video from Howcast shows you how to put together a scavenger hunt using modern tools like cell phones and multimedia. Using smart phones, the hunters in the video solve […]

BY BILL FERRIS How far would your students go to save a lost pet? Would they infiltrate a nefarious underground factory that turns cuddly animals into food? Would they disguise themselves as monsters to outsmart gremlins, golems and yetis? Would they still go through all this rigmarole if they knew it was a way to […]

I thought I was hot stuff when I bought my Hyundai Accent and its 32-miles-per-gallon fuel economy. Fuel Our Future Now envisions a world that scoffs at that level of efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy, Discovery Education and the folks behind the automotive X Prize — designed to foster the development of cars that […]

A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it’s seldom the most fun. Fantastic Contraption, an online problem-solving game, proves this concept by forcing you to go over, under and through several obstacles on your way to your goal. The premise is simple. You get five simple tools, each of which […]

Everybody’s got problems. Me, my cats keep clawing through my front porch screen. I thought I’d solved the problem when I replaced the screen, but the cats just did it again. Clearly, I hadn’t articulated the problem clearly enough — I had to find a way to keep them from clawing their way out. Or […]