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The CATCHsystem, developed by NC State PhD student T.J. Wolfe, groups technology and Web 2.0 tools into five distinct categories so as to seem less intimidating to technology newbies. The site includes video tutorials and a free ebook.

Harry Wong, author of The First 100 Days of School, has set up a 20-question quiz for teachers about classroom management and daily routines. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on one’s practice and teaching effectiveness.

Blogger Jane Hart’s annual list of 100 Tools for Learning runs the gamut from multimedia production to practical tools that may simplify a task.

A recent article in the New York Times includes two activities that test your focus and attention.

Dropbox is a web service that allows you to store up to two gigabytes of data online for free. Install the Dropbox application on any computer or mobile device you own and get instant access to all your files with a simple login.

SimplyNoise is an easy-to-use white-noise generator that blocks out distractions and creates a quiet, workable atmosphere.

BY BILL FERRIS I love mind maps for organizing ideas. You can find a lot of slick online mind-mapping applications. My only complaint with most of them, though, is that you have to spend a little time messing around with establishing a structure and selecting the word balloons and arrows and such. Fortunately, Text 2 […]

BY BILL FERRIS I’ve been a dedicated Firefox user for years because of its wondrous catalog of extensions. I like Google Chrome, too — from its load time to how it accesses pages, everything about it is fast, fast, fast. But I never made the full-time switch because it didn’t have all my geeky extensions. […]

BY BILL FERRIS I’ve been using Thunderbird for my email since 2006. It’s a highly functional, lightweight email option. This week, however, I made the switch to Postbox. Postbox is to Thunderbird as Super Mario is to Mario — bigger, stronger, and occasionally able to shoot fireballs. Well, two of those things, anyway. Postbox takes the […]

BY BILL FERRIS mySchoollog is an organization and productivity tool created specifically for students. Kids can keep track of their assignments, quizzes, grades, course schedule, and even upload their notes and files. Students can enter tasks into their to-do list, sorted according to subject (labeled as “lesson” in this app). Students can also download their […]