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BY BILL FERRIS For many teachers, summer vacation is the Super Bowl of job perks. You’ve worked hard at a demanding job, and now get some well-earned time to relax. This year, though, the economy has become the fingernail in teachers’ bowls of soup. A lot of educators have lost their jobs, and many worry […]

This week’s MBTN features alternative teaching methods, how to use colons & semicolons, a web backpack for students and the best search engines for student research. Details after the jump.

Venerable note-taking app Evernote has rolled out a few new features that ought to help you and your students. You can now send Twitter messages directly into your Evernote account, use Evernote on your iPhone, or find tips on how you can use Evernote on their tips blog. You can also read the general Evernote […]

What can I say about getting students to study that doesn’t sound ultra-mega cheesy? Or hasn’t already been said a thousand times before? Its two classic struggles: on one side, the teacher who tries to motivate the student into hitting the books; on the other, the Instructify poster trying to put a new spin on […]

As a graduate student and educator I found it more and more difficult to balance my day-to-day without some organizational assistance. I was constantly checking my calendars, and putting bookmarks on every website I found so I could read it later. I then discovered iGoogle. iGoogle is a web page designed by Google to allow […]

PDF to Word, recently out of closed beta and now in open beta, touts itself as “The Most Accurate PDF-to-Word Converter.” There are many PDF to Word conversion utilities, both for pay and for free, available on the web these days, but none of the free tools handled pdf files like PDF to Word does. […]

Have you ever received or found a PDF file that you needed to make a few changes to, but either you didn’t have Adobe Acrobat or had no clue how to use that application? Yeah, me too. There are tons of services that allow you to convert those pdf files to Word documents, but the […]

For every positive and supportive person out there on the internet, there are about 500 people being negative and acting like they’re super-cool know-it-alls. I mean, how was I supposed to know that it wasn’t cool anymore to use Netscape to surf the ‘net? Now I’m being told that no one says “surfing the ‘net” […]

Inspiration is the gold standard for mind-mapping and graphic organization, and until recently, has been a licensed program tied to a machine. The company has followed the crowd to the cloud, and recently released MyWebspiration, a web-based version of the software you either have and love, or have seen and heard about and want to […]

When making diagrams the old fashioned way, if you’re not careful you can ugly up what should be a simple process. White boards and paper easels fill up quickly, and the combination of bad handwriting and thick markers can obfuscate the simplest ideas. And heaven help you if you try to create a diagram in […]