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The CATCHsystem, developed by NC State PhD student T.J. Wolfe, groups technology and Web 2.0 tools into five distinct categories so as to seem less intimidating to technology newbies. The site includes video tutorials and a free ebook.

With the budget issues that have plagued schools over the past two years, educators have found themselves without opportunities to attend education conferences. Thankfully, a group of dedicated individuals decided to create the K-12 Online Conference.

The Schoolwide Network offers helpful video tutorials created by teachers around professional development.

BY GRETCHEN SCHAEFER When it comes to professional development for colleagues, it can often be challenging to explain to others a service that seems simple to a techie. As part of its Learning Initiative, Educause (an organization devoted to advancing higher education with information technology) offers its monthly 7 Things You Should Know About… series […]

BY BILL FERRIS For many teachers, summer vacation is the Super Bowl of job perks. You’ve worked hard at a demanding job, and now get some well-earned time to relax. This year, though, the economy has become the fingernail in teachers’ bowls of soup. A lot of educators have lost their jobs, and many worry […]

BY BILL FERRIS Students have gotten used to doing things electronically. Your classroom doesn’t have to be an exception thanks to LectureTools, a learning management thingy from the University of Michigan. Developers designed LectureTools with huge, impersonal college lecture courses in mind. However, there’s a lot here that K-12 teachers can use, too (though some […]

With May comes commencement, and with commencement comes new teachers. Armed with crisp diplomas, a government-issued teaching certificate, and big plans for September, it’s always good to have some resources for that first job. Scholastic’s New Teacher Zone should be bookmarked by newly minted teachers as well as veterans.

In these very difficult economic times, education is feeling the pinch. In my district alone, we’ve had to trim nearly $15 million from the budget over the past two years. The unfortunate thing is when funds get tight, opportunities for professional development go by the wayside. 1105Media is trying to change that. 1105 MEDIA provides […]

Everyone would agree that learning is important. If we didn’t, none of us would be doing what we do. But are we practicing what we preach to our students? Are we, as educators, continuing our education in the same way we urge our students to do every day? In the past, unless you were willing […]

As a teacher, you have a wonderful, and enviable, situation over the summer — so much time! One way to fill some of your time is to attend the Sustainable Forestry Teachers’ Academy. This is a free, week-long session of professional development open to all North Carolina teachers. There are two options for attendance — […]