Videos from the Googleplex

June 16, 2009

Videos from the Googleplex BY BILL FERRIS Google is renowned as one of the most remarkable companies in the world. Their search engine, maps, docs, the Android phone platform, are revolutionizing the way information is found, communicated and used. As … Continued

Monday by the numbers

May 11, 2009

10 Foods to Sneak into the Library to Improve Your Productivity Now, I’m not advocating your students violate your school’s rules about food and drink inside your school. However, a student who isn’t distracted by hunger will likely be more … Continued

Have a bite of math with MathBits

October 9, 2008

Ugh, MATH! Can anything make it more fun? Yes, as a matter of fact, can. This resource for high schoolers presents algebra in a fun and engaging format, complete with games and activities in Algebra, Geometry, and everyone’s favorite … Continued