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You or your students can pick up programming skills in your spare time via Lifehacker’s new week-long series on how to code.

20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web is a helpful primer designed to fill in our knowledge gaps about how the web works and how it is constructed.

This article introduces the Linux operating system, explains the process of downloading and installing it, and describes the advantages of using Linux in schools.

BY BILL FERRIS Google, apparently fed-up with the stereotype of programmers being a bunch of pasty white dudes, is trying to open up the computer science field to women, minorities, and special-needs students with a series of scholarships. These $10,000 scholarships will go to qualifying students who intend to pursue computer science in college.

BY NICK YINGLING Computer science and programming language can both be pretty intimidating. In fact, they can be a little forbidding if you try to jump in feet first. The thing about computers, though, is that they aren’t going anywhere, and they’re just going to keep talking their crazy language. That’s why it’s great to […]

Videos from the Googleplex BY BILL FERRIS Google is renowned as one of the most remarkable companies in the world. Their search engine, maps, docs, the Android phone platform, are revolutionizing the way information is found, communicated and used. As such, when Google wants to bring in a speaker to rally the troops, they can […]

BY BILL FERRIS For many teachers, summer vacation is the Super Bowl of job perks. You’ve worked hard at a demanding job, and now get some well-earned time to relax. This year, though, the economy has become the fingernail in teachers’ bowls of soup. A lot of educators have lost their jobs, and many worry […]

10 Foods to Sneak into the Library to Improve Your Productivity Now, I’m not advocating your students violate your school’s rules about food and drink inside your school. However, a student who isn’t distracted by hunger will likely be more focused during class. But that doesn’t mean they should raid the vending machine — it’s […]

Get your kids involved in learning about science and experimentation via robotics, project-based learning, and of course, Web 2.0. On Thursday, October 23, USDLC hosts Hands-On, Minds-On Learning and Teaching: Project-Based Learning Meets Digital Tools. Middle school science teacher Joselyn Todd will make a presentation in Second Life at the Bookhenge on Star Island. If […]

Ugh, MATH! Can anything make it more fun? Yes, as a matter of fact, can. This resource for high schoolers presents algebra in a fun and engaging format, complete with games and activities in Algebra, Geometry, and everyone’s favorite — Trigonometry. With the slogan “live long and love math,” MathBits enables students to bolster […]