Explanations Abound at Common Craft

April 22, 2008

Do you struggle to explain Web 2.0 to interested but clueless administrators? Social networking, blogging and podcasting can be tough to describe to the uninitiated. If you need succinct explanations of social media to convince your principal to open the … Continued

Dude, These Experiments are Rad

April 15, 2008

I can’t say that I have seen the show Surfing Scientist, but he has some pretty fun and educational experiments you can use to entertain and keep your students interested in science. Most of the experiments here are almost more … Continued

Monday by the Numbers

March 24, 2008

8 Firefox Extensions Towards Safer Browsing – Personally, I HATE pop-up ads, (and most banner ads) so I do whatever I can to avoid them. Firefox already does a nice job of keeping pop-ups from occurring, but there is a … Continued

Get Ready for your Closeup: Kids' Vid

March 24, 2008

Making movies is a great way to harness students’ creativity for good instead of evil. It’s also a good way for students to goof around and get lost in the many steps of the film making process. Good planning is … Continued

Do Some Teeny Tiny Experiments with Microbes in Action

March 20, 2008

University of St. Louis – Missouri has a great resource for science teachers and science fair participants compiled at their Science in the Real World: Microbes in Action website. There are experiments here for just about every grade level, so … Continued

Take a Bite: The Apple

February 26, 2008

No, not that Apple, this is The Apple – a place for teachers to get together and share online. The Apple is a wonderful resource that I’m sorry I haven’t found before, but there’s no time like the present, I … Continued

Get Your Schoodle to Doodle for Google

February 14, 2008

Unless you have never seen a computer in your entire life or have never heard of the Internet, you know all about Google and what a wonderful tool it is. Heck, I bet you’ve even used the word “Google” as … Continued

Sharing History by Sharing Technology: Our Stories

December 31, 2007

With all the hubbub about the One Laptop per Child initiative, it’s nice to see how these little gadgets affect children’s lives. Our Stories lets you see children using their new laptops, and in the process, gives you a glimpse … Continued

Semester Looking Grimm? Spice it Up with These Tales

December 13, 2007

If your scope of fairy tales is limited to those that Disney has transformed into cartoons, take a look at this site to get a heaping helping of almost everything the Grimm Brothers had to offer. This collection of 209 … Continued

Make Science U Your Alma Mater

November 28, 2007

Forget about struggling over getting that Ph.D. or Master’s degree– now you can get all the science knowledge you need from Science U online. The site is actually designed to help younger students understand the many aspects of science through … Continued