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This article examines the differences between reading in print and reading online, and proposes some tools and strategies to help aid students’ reading comprehension and information literacy in online environments.

DailyLit adds a little bit of literature to your day by sending you small, readable sections of ebooks either by email or RSS feed. Each installment takes about five minutes to read.

More and more educators are seeing the value in alternative literacies such as graphic novels and comics. To understand the wealth of thinking that goes into a comic (both as a writer and as a reader), Blambot has created a chart of “Comics Grammar.”

VocabGrabber helps students organize, analyze, and understand a reading. Simply paste a passage of text and VocabGrabber generates a word cloud of the most frequently used terms. Clicking a word shows its definition and an example of how it’s used in the passage.

The origins of words and phrases from the English Language gets a nice twist with Etymologic, a fun online quiz that can be difficult to master. You have to show an uncanny knowledge of English (or be incredibly lucky with your educated guesses) to get all the questions correct.

Kideo Player is a website showcases fun and educational videos for very young viewers by filtering out content inappropriate for young eyes.

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE If you’re like me, you remember with fondness long nights with your friends, your trusty plastic icosahedron, pencils and paper, and junk food. I’m talking about Dungeons and Dragons of course, the game many of us geeks played when we were younger and had a lot more time on our hands. […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE This particular item comes from a teacher in my daughter’s elementary school and it’s an excellent resource for reading comprehension and literacy. Tar Heel Reader is a free online repository of downloadable books. File formats vary somewhat but they’re all mainstream file types so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. These […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE I’ve been a big Edgar Allan Poe fan ever since he was an option for bedtime stories (before that it was Yeats or Lawrence, both highly effective at inducing sleep). Besides the well-known pieces Poe wrote, there are many works that are lesser-known but just as enjoyable. You can find an […]

BY BILL FERRIS One of the best moments of my day is reading a bedtime story to my boys. We get quality bonding time, they’re fostering what I hope is a life-long love of books, and I get to work on my list of character voices, which consists of “Gruff Adult Male,” “All-purpose Female,” “Little […]