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Sometimes it is challenging to interpret a technologist’s explanation of a problem or to give clear and direct technology instructions to students (or colleagues) because of all of the techno-language we use. Tech Terms is here to help decipher the code. Tech Terms is an online dictionary dedicated to the language associated with computers and […]

BY: REBECCAH HAINES Has this situation ever happened to you? You’ve gotten word of a last-minute assembly at school. The daily schedule is about to change, and your classes will only last 30 minutes. That awesome inquiry lab you had planned for today is just not going to make it. So what do you do […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES We’ve heard a lot about some renegade microbes in the news lately.  The Swine Flu hysteria closed down many schools across the country and continues to be an issue worldwide.  With all the press that H1N1 has gotten, you might think that all microbes are harmful. In fact, the vast majority of […]

I’ve always preferred the bumbling around method to learning, whether I’m using a new piece of software or I’ve just bought a new gadget. However, sometimes you’re faced with the choice of reading the manual or causing irreparable harm to yourself or your new toy. By this point, though, you’ve relegated the manual to a […]

Word Source is a site that calls itself “the social dictionary,” and at first, that made me very skeptical. It’s not that I dislike people, but I believe some things are better experienced alone. Is there a more blissfully solitary activity than looking up a word? Discovering its origin? Its subtle shades of meaning? Why […]