Compare Google searches with Ranking

October 31, 2008

Many teachers worry about their students’ reliance on Google as a way of finding information. If you can’t get them to become library junkies, you can at least prove to them that how they do research affects what information they … Continued

Google plans to digitize newspapers

September 18, 2008

With so much information available online, the printed newspaper might not have much time left. In the information age, opening the paper today to read about what happened yesterday seems incredibly slow. They’re not searchable, and their size is unwieldy … Continued

Diigo: The "G" in the Name Stands for Groups

September 3, 2008

Earlier we told you about Diigo (Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other stuff). Today, you’ll learn about the Groups part of the name. In addition to having awesome annotation tools, it also has a lot of great ways to … Continued

Diigo: How do you say that?

August 28, 2008

Instructify is finally letting me share information about one of my favorite online tools, Diigo. Diigo is a social bookmarking tool, but so much more. In addition to letting you bookmark pages, you can also annotate them. There are two … Continued

Search the Web visually with Searchme

August 28, 2008

Visual Web searching is apparently the hot new trend (see previous entries on Cuil and RedZee). If you’d rather get your search results in pictures instead of words, you should definitely have a look at Searchme, by far the most … Continued

The new essentials: Top 10 school supplies for today's students

August 22, 2008

Pencils? Check. Notebooks? Check. Online word processor application? Check. In addition to standbys like pens, pads, and the ever-popular Trapper Keeper, today’s learners need a new set of school supplies, too.  These tools enable students to take advantage of the … Continued