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Ever wondered just how big John Hancock’s signature is in real life? No? Well then. But you probably have wanted to see the original Declaration of Independence. Or how about the Gettysburg Address? With Footnote, you can browse America’s landmark historical documents online for free. Having your students read Abe Lincoln’s hen scratch in the […]

Writer, philanthropist, inventor, visionary…Mr. Franklin has done it again– well, in a manner of speaking, at least. Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids is an excellent resource for students, parents and teachers alike to explore all the basics of the U.S. Government and its history. Check out this fun and easy-to-follow guide for kids […]

Relocating to a new area? Looking to find a better educational fit for you or yours? Yahoo! has implemented a wonderful database by getting together with in order to bring the most extensive and comparative look at schools in any particular area. By using Yahoo!’s Real Estate search function, you can search using school […]

Oh, those silly people from history! How quickly they have dismissed and written off our greatest achievements and worst disasters as mere “fads” or “passing fancies.” Pish-posh to them, says I! It’s hard to fathom that Thomas Edison himself once said “Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use […]

Ah, the works cited page. It’s not just a way to pad the page count on a term paper. It’s also that frustrating last bit you forgot to budget time for while printing your final essay ten minutes before class. But a free site called Son of Citation Machine makes citing sources as simple as […]