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BY BILL FERRIS Google, apparently fed-up with the stereotype of programmers being a bunch of pasty white dudes, is trying to open up the computer science field to women, minorities, and special-needs students with a series of scholarships. These $10,000 scholarships will go to qualifying students who intend to pursue computer science in college.

BY BILL FERRIS As teachers, we’re tasked with molding students into intelligent, productive citizens. That includes more than just homework. Volunteering is a wonderful trait to instill in students, and at the very least, looks great on a college application, too. You can help your students get involved in their community by directing them to […]

Your students have a great opportunity to see exotic places, and all they have to do is learn to speak Turkish. The National Security Language Initiative for Youth offers 550 scholarships for high school students to travel overseas to learn less-commonly taught languages for a summer, a semester, or a full year. Through these immersion […]

10 Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Your Life – I’m all for improving my life, but why does it have to take soooo long? Here are ten easy ways to pull yourself up by your boot straps courtesy of Stepcase Lifehack. If you find yourself wanting to change something about your life, then why not […]

35 Scholarships Anyone Can Get – has put this list of scholarships together that just about anyone is eligible for. The list includes scholarships in various amounts, as well as essay writing contests and some unorthodox contests like the Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship. 50 Things from Ben Jones – Ben Jones blogs […]

Right now, your high school seniors are probably stressing out about the difference between the cost of college and the amount of scholarship money they received. If you’re a guidance counselor or a teacher who doesn’t want your students to have to decide between buying books or food, show them these financial aid options, courtesy […]

As your students start to get college acceptance letters, they’re probably trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for the next four years of school. If your students are stressing about an expensive education, have them check out Campus Grotto‘s advice on how to avoid a lifetime of crushing education debt. The article […]

Are your students freaking out about their SAT scores? Before they spend a bundle on SAT preparation materials, have them frequent the College Board’s SAT Question of the Day. Every day they’ll get hit with questions just like they’ll see on the tests. If they create a free user account on the College Board site, […]

Deborah Fox is every teenager’s parents’ hero. On her Pay For College Blog, Fox gives oodles of great tips and advice on going to college without having to join the Armed Forces or becoming a plasma prostitute. In a recent article, she describes the ways to easily spot a scholarship scam. Everything she mentions follows […]

Prevent your students from adding years to their student loan repayment schedule. offers up some more good advice for your college-bound students. Cheryl Allebrand’s “13 Financial Aid Traps” is as much for parents as for their kids, and dispels several (thirteen, in fact) myths about getting more funding for college. Allebrand lists mistakes ranging […]