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Take your students on a field trip underwater with Google Maps’ Street View Ocean collection.

Citizen science projects enlist everyday citizens to collect or analyze data for real-world research studies. This article suggests that bringing citizen science projects into the classroom can help students understand the relevance of curriculum objectives. Several projects are suggested, for elementary, middle, and high school.

The Asian longhorned beetle and the emerald ash borer beetle are wreaking havoc on trees across America. Beetle Detectives, a site from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has put out an APB for some science-minded sleuths to snoop around local flora to see if they can spot these bugs.

If you want to learn about rockets, who better to turn to than NASA?

The Great Backyard Bird Count encourages bird watchers to spend a few minutes identifying and counting birds in their backyards (or schoolyards). The data is used by scientists to do things like designate new protected habitats.

See volcanoes, massive snowstorms, artificial islands, and more, courtesy of the NASA Earth Observatory.

Science of Cooking from Exploratorium contains a collection of recipes, activities, and webcasts about the science behind cooking.

Here’s what’s going on at the NASA Earth Observatory, brought to you by Fred Beyer at EarthSciTeach.

This article presents resources and ideas for presenting science students with challenges designed to spark creativity and innovation. Resources listed include national competitions and websites listing suggested classroom projects. lets you partner with the government to work on current issues like healthier school lunches, disaster preparedness, and helping the environment.