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If you enjoy distractions and you enjoy learning, then a) you are in the right place, and b) you’ll love this fun little flash game as much as we do. Name That Bug is a simple quiz that is chock full of information about common and occasionally uncommon insects. Brought to you by Orkin—the folks […]

Rescue some technology from the trash and stretch your school’s supply budget with this cool project. Does your school have a busted laptop or a flat screen monitor bound for the dumpster? Hack-2-School, a site for design students, shows how you can combine the LCD screen with an old overhead projector to make a wall-filling […]

Your fancy metric system ain’t so hot now, huh, Europe? According to the Associated Press, the original prototype for the kilogram – a 118 year-old platinum and iridium alloy cylinder – is inexplicably 50 micrograms lighter, about the weight of a fingerprint. Is there any wonder now why America chose against such an inconsistent, arbitrary […]

It’s hard to explain the laws of the universe. After lunch, doubly so. But what can you do when students meet your lecture on neutrino mixing with yawns and glazed eyes?If you’re a physics teacher, you need to check out Symmetry magazine’s “Explain it in 60 Seconds” feature, which is exactly what it sounds like. […]

Music soothes the savage beast. Except for alligators. Apparently music riles them up. NPR’s Robert Krulwich reports that the note B flat has a lot of crazy properties, including provoking alligators to roar. Play a B flat one octave below middle C in front of a Gator and it’ll think you’re a rival reptile. Which […]

What is poop made of? What is this gunk in my ears? How do I make my stomach gurgle?The answers to these and other of life’s big questions can be found at The Yuckiest Site on the Internet, a site from the Discovery Channel that’s exactly what it sounds like, and I mean that in […]