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Twurdy (a mash-up of “too wordy”) is a user-friendly search engine that color-codes search results according to their reading levels.

Like any web reference, Qwiki begins with a search box on its main page. But instead of an article on a topic, the topic is explained by an automated voice while pictures, maps, and statistics appear to complement the spoken facts.

Gone are the days when teachers have to rely on the limited selection of paper-bound “readers” for supplementary material like primary documents or scholarly articles. There’s a plethora of sources on the web, and Google’s specialized searches make it easier than ever to find what you want.

Google’s advanced search function lets you filter search results by reading level.

Tom Barrett has created a series of Google Presentations that can provide valuable insight into a wealth of possible technology tools for the classroom.

Favitt lets you search up to six search engines simultaneously from one central location..

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Images — so useful in education, yet so convoluted in copyright explanations that many people fear using them. But if you wade into the waters of Creative Commons you can find millions of available images, ready to be used, modified, and shared. One of the more common image sites is Flickr, […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE What’s that in Google’s rear view mirror? The answer is Microsoft’s new search engine Bing. To be sure, the information highway is littered with examples of defeated search engines that have challenged Google’s relative monopoly on the search engine scene. Whether it was an engine that was too slow, returned irrelevant […]

BY BILL FERRIS It’s hard to believe that Google figured out how to search for my house from space before getting around to searching for photos licensed under Creative Commons1. According to the Google Operating System blog (not affiliated with Google), Google Image Search now lets you narrow your results to pics that carry the […]

BY NICK YINGLING Information aesthetics, or infosthetics for those in a hurry, is a term coined to describe the relationship between information visualization and creative design — the emphasis there being the word “creative.” Sure, any chump can make a pie chart to display some information, but how about a pie chart in 3D? That’s […]