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With the budget issues that have plagued schools over the past two years, educators have found themselves without opportunities to attend education conferences. Thankfully, a group of dedicated individuals decided to create the K-12 Online Conference.

If you can spare five minutes, you can learn all about technology and the classroom. This is the idea behind Mark Barnes’ Learn It In 5 website.

BY BILL FERRIS In the great social network battle royal, Facebook and Twitter have more or less thrown competitors like Friendster and MySpace over the top rope. But even with only two networks for me to monitor, Facebook and Twitter already provide more status updates and @replies than I can keep up with. If only […]

BY NICK YINGLING If Friday’s post didn’t instill in you a healthy fear and respect for hurricanes, I don’t know what will. Okay, so maybe I’m inflating my writing skills, but I hope it was useful. I promise that this posting is going to be interesting and useful. I’m a huge fan of the social […]

BY NICK YINGLING Calling someone a “dweeb” basically aims to call that person socially inept. Essentially, everyone is on a level playing field, so when I call other people names and put them down, I generally feel better about myself. What’s really sad is that I get the pop psychology for what I’m doing but […]

BY BILL FERRIS I think Twitter is a hoot. It’s a good way to keep track of what other educators are up to. Also, I love a witty one-liner, and 140 characters is the perfect format for that. There are plenty of reasons teachers should use Twitter. What I want to know is whether Twitter […]

BY BILL FERRIS Whenever a new social networking tool shows up, a horror story of someone getting into trouble for abusing it follows shortly thereafter. A teacher in Scotland got into trouble recently for writing about her students on Twitter, during school hours no less. You’re all smart people, and I have no doubt that […]

U-2 Spy Plane in Google Earth Nothing says Cold War quite like the U-2 spy plane incident. Free Technology for Teachers provides a link to a Google Earth file in which your students can find out fascinating facts about this seminal event in American history. How To Learn Photoshop In 24 Hrs As long as […]

10 High Fliers on Twitter Still struggling to figure out how to use microblogging app/distraction engine Twitter for educational purposes? The Chronicle of Higher Education lists 10 exemplary Twitterers from the edusphere. Follow these folks for insight and ideas on how you can use Twitter to interact with your students, stay up-to-date with education news, […]

20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes From the Big Wind Kite Factory in Hawaii, this link provides a complete rundown of instructions and supplies to get 20 of your students building kites and getting them in the air in 20 minutes. Sounds like a cool springtime project for an elementary art class. Top […]