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According to, every school day, 7,000 students drop out. Boost is a campaign by the AdCouncil designed to help encourage teens to make it through and graduate on time. The premise is simple, by sending a “boost,” you’re sending a motivating word via email or text message to encourage a student to stick out […]

So, it’s time to get your own website. You could do it the old fashioned way and build it from scratch, but then you’d have to know HTML, CSS or some such. Or, you could do it the Web 2.0 way and start a blog on Blogspot, Tumblr, or WordPress. Easy enough, but then you’re […]

Most of us have heard of Twitter. The micro-blogging tool has become relatively famous for its users’ coverage of the earthquake in China and the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, but what you may not be aware of is its power as a tool for educational professional development. My district was in the same boat as […]

Everyone knows a lot about something that someone else wishes they knew more about. If you are an expert in nonprofit management or java programming, or experienced in flamenco dancing or good at “going green,” what you know is in demand… somewhere. If only we knew a way to find and connect with that person […]

What fun is a science experiment unless you get to watch it? Kids don’t make baking soda volcanoes just to entertain themselves. Experiments are meant to be watched by the masses. Now thanks to TestToob, your students’ experiments can find the audience they deserve. TestToob is an online video sharing/social networking site exclusively for science […]

Get your kids involved in learning about science and experimentation via robotics, project-based learning, and of course, Web 2.0. On Thursday, October 23, USDLC hosts Hands-On, Minds-On Learning and Teaching: Project-Based Learning Meets Digital Tools. Middle school science teacher Joselyn Todd will make a presentation in Second Life at the Bookhenge on Star Island. If […]

Scholastic has been upgrading the student part of their site over the last year. First was Computer Lab Favorites, and now they’ve revamped their book/author section and renamed it “The Stacks.” It has a really easy-to-follow interface, and organizes books by genre so kids can easily find favorites. The really nice thing for kids is […]

HASTAC is looking for the sharpest needles on the digital farm, and when they find them, they’ll award them anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000. You’re an Instructify reader; surely you could be one of those talented needles — especially if you’ve got a great Web 2.0 project or idea. The aforesaid HASTAC (pronounced just like […]

Earlier we told you about Diigo (Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other stuff). Today, you’ll learn about the Groups part of the name. In addition to having awesome annotation tools, it also has a lot of great ways to share information with others, formal and informal. First you can send bookmarks not just to […]

I always had teachers that I either loved or loathed; there was very little gray area. My friends and I would often sit around and talk about whose class we hated the most, and which teachers we wished we could have forever. And of course, our upperclassmen friends would tell us horror stories of how […]