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By now, you’ve no doubt heard the tragic story of a Missouri teen who committed suicide after interacting with a fake Facebook user. The incident has sparked another round of intense discussion in schools about the power, value, and danger of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. The knee-jerk reaction in many schools has […]

It used to be for college students only, but now there’s no escaping Facebook if you’re a teacher. Students are jumping ship from clunky, older services like Friendster and MySpace in record numbers, especially now that Facebook has added applications, video, and a host of new options. If you’re not yet using the social-networking behemoth, […]

I remember a book called “Everything I Know I Learned in Kindergarten” — the one thing I remember from kindergarten is the idea of sharing. I Love That Teaching Idea! is a website designed to allow teachers to share and share alike. This could prove to be a great resource for any level of teacher, […]

I’ll admit that I am a little slow getting the hang of things at times, so it was a while before I even had any clue what Digg and were all about. I use both occasionally now, but I still find a lot of what I find ends up being irrelevant to my life […]