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iCivics is a project that was spearheaded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to help teach civics and inspire students to get involved in our democratic system. It has lesson plans and webquests, but its big draw is its collection of civics games. These games cover topics such as citizenship and participation, the judicial branch of […]

If It Were My Home was first created to show the scale of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill by superimposing the contaminated area over a location of your choice. The site has since expanded to include a fabulous country comparison tool.

Possibly the first video game about homelessness, Spent challenges you to keep a roof over your head for 30 days. It’s not easy — like a computerized embodiment of Murphy’s Law, Spent confronts you with one misfortune after another. To win, you have to make a series of hard choices that have no apparent right answer.

Over the last few years, Stuff You Missed in History Class has built a vast library of irresistible, 10-20 minute discussions of historical events, taking care to separate fact from fiction.

Reading Like a Historian features 75 lessons that span the whole of history of the United States. The activities focus on analyzing primary sources and drawing conclusions about a central historical issue.

Newspaper Map is an amazing overview of how news is being published — and by extension, how history is being written — by connecting literally thousands of newspapers from around the world on a single interactive map.

Filibustery is a multimedia project designed to make the filibuster process more understandable.

This online game captures the realities of rural life in Sub-Saharan Africa. You begin with a family of four, a small house, and an empty field. If you’re successful, the family can afford education and medical care, or try to increase their farm output by purchasing tools.

Gapminder World transforms numbers into engaging interactive graphics across a wide range of topics.

This Day, a website by Nikon, is a beautifully rendered look into historical events that happened in the past on the day you visit the site.