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BY JASON DON FORSYTHE This particular item comes from a teacher in my daughter’s elementary school and it’s an excellent resource for reading comprehension and literacy. Tar Heel Reader is a free online repository of downloadable books. File formats vary somewhat but they’re all mainstream file types so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. These […]

BY BILL FERRIS Google, apparently fed-up with the stereotype of programmers being a bunch of pasty white dudes, is trying to open up the computer science field to women, minorities, and special-needs students with a series of scholarships. These $10,000 scholarships will go to qualifying students who intend to pursue computer science in college.

BY LISA HERVEY Many K-12 teachers are very interested in and/or are already effectively leveraging free Web 2.0 tools and other forms of media (audio/video) in their classrooms. This reality was especially evident to me this summer as I worked with teachers from all over the country at The New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute, a […]

BY GRETCHEN SCHAEFER For people with a vision disability, technology can be invaluable. From screen-reading programs to the general accessibility features in an operating system, technology has narrowed the divide in ways that previous generations may not have imagined. However, getting quality books in hand can still be a challenge. Instead of sending cases of […]

Unless you were living under a rock (like Mr. Snail over there), you’ve probably heard about the recent federal stimulus package. You’ve probably also heard that some of that money will be for schools and education. Now that the legislation has passed, and been signed by President Obama, you may wonder, oh reader, what does […]

I’ve been trying to learn to draw faces since I was a kid, but I’ve never quite had the knack. Then again, I have never had an anatomy lesson either. Artnatomia is just the type of resource that is perfect for budding artists and anyone who has an interest in understanding the anatomy of the […]

I have been using VoiceThread a lot this year with my students. VoiceThread is a great online tool that lets you link or upload pictures, add video, and audio narration, and leave text comments and “doodles.” Many folks end up using it like PowerPoint for final projects, but I like to use it for concept […]

Like Joseph Heller once said, “Every writer I know has trouble writing.” Writing doesn’t come easy, and I’m not just talking about writer’s block. But it’s one of those fundamental skills that every student should grasp. Sometimes, though, as a teacher, it takes a little more work and some fresh strategies to help your students […]

The Internet can be an overwhelming place for children, and can prove especially frustrating for those with autism. But these children can benefit just as much, if not more, from educational computer games and activities, as long as these resources are presented with their special needs in mind. The ZAC (Zone for Autistic Children) browser […]

With IDEA, kids with an IEP (which qualifies them for special education services) aren’t relegated to the classroom at the far end of the yard. Many are in classrooms like yours and mine. Yeah, I took a class in “mainstreaming,” but I can always use some new ideas and resources. Here is a quick list […]