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The aptly named Confusing Words is a website that contains more than 3,000 words that people tend to have trouble with, and it accepts suggestions for more.

Tom Barrett has created a series of Google Presentations that can provide valuable insight into a wealth of possible technology tools for the classroom.

SpellingCity presents a multitude of activities students can use to practice spelling. A teacher simply enters the spelling words, and SpellingCity presents several options for what to do with them, utilizing audio, context, and games.

When I attended school there was a big push for whole language instruction and very little emphasis was placed on phonics. Now in education the pendulum has swung the other way and we are seeing that phonics instruction is crucial, not only in reading but spelling as well. The English language with all its rules is […]

I have to shake my head every time I hear some Congressman arguing for cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting because, “Cable TV provides plenty of early childhood educational programming.” Don’t get me wrong, my son learned a ton about inductive and deductive reasoning from watching “Blue’s Clues” and “Dora the Explorer,” but for […]

Do your students struggle on spelling tests? For every easy word like “cat” or “dog” you have tricky ones like “perceive” or “through.” It’s as if the English language were designed to fool people. “I before E except after C?” Capricious and arbitrary, if you ask me. And why would you have silent letters? Are […]

I have always depended on the kindness of talking cartoon animals. Whether I learned about hibernation from Yogi Bear, or was exposed to opera by Bugs Bunny, animated animals are dependable and oft-overlooked fonts of knowledge. Why should learning to read be any different? That’s why, when teaching your elementary students their ABCs, let them […]

8 Letters in Search of a Word presents players with one scrambled 8-letter word to unscramble. If you can’t quite figure out what it is, make the most of the letters you’ve got and find as many words as you can before time runs out. You get more points for longer words and for finding […]