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U-2 Spy Plane in Google Earth Nothing says Cold War quite like the U-2 spy plane incident. Free Technology for Teachers provides a link to a Google Earth file in which your students can find out fascinating facts about this seminal event in American history. How To Learn Photoshop In 24 Hrs As long as […]

I had some really old school instructors when I was studying Korean. Not only was it great to have instructors with a lot of life experience, but given that they were native Koreans it was even more enriching. In addition to unique teaching styles, they had story after story about what school was like in […]

When I was not sure which path my career would go, I very seriously considered teaching English in Japan. The salary seemed fine, but I was more interested in getting some exposure to a completely new world. Because of extenuating circumstances that aren’t worth getting into here, I opted to remain a patriot for the […]