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BY BILL FERRIS One of the oldest classroom management tricks in the book is to use a timer to keep your students on schedule. Just finished a math lesson? Let them know they have two minutes to get ready for science. Big test today? They have 45 minutes to finish it. A timer sets clear […]

BY BILL FERRIS This week’s by the numbers segment shows you easy ways to be more productive, as well as the tools to help you do it. Read all about it after the jump. Stripped GTD: 3 Habits That Make You More Productive If you’ve heard of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system but are […]

Welcome to May’s random roundup. This month’s theme: Little Johnny, one-man stand-in for school-aged children the world over. After a year-and-a-half of hard work, we figured this overused cliche deserved a post of his own before he gets back to studying. Time-savers for teachers For other notes and resources the students need, consider giving this […]

Keep your students on task with Timer, a simple and stylish timer application. Timer works much like Class Timer in that you can easily set a countdown timer that plays an obnoxious noise when it hits zero. However, Timer’s interface is much more slick. For starters, you can program the time right […]

Planning lessons that will keep a class engaged and motivated takes enough time on its own without adding all the other things teachers have to contend with like parent meetings and conferences. Here are some time-saving tips that teachers can use to make the most of their precious free time. Their simplicity may surprise you. […]

What can I say about getting students to study that doesn’t sound ultra-mega cheesy? Or hasn’t already been said a thousand times before? Its two classic struggles: on one side, the teacher who tries to motivate the student into hitting the books; on the other, the Instructify poster trying to put a new spin on […]

Grading can be the bane of any teacher’s existence, especially when it’s not just a matter of comparing a bubble sheet to an answer key. A teacher can spend more mental energy grading a paper or a proof or a problem or a project than the student spent doing it. David Allen’s popular productivity system […]

2009 is nearly upon us. Y2K… err, IX. The New Year holiday is always a moment to reflect. Whether you’ll be pensively staring out the window from a comfortable easy chair or passionately throwing a whiskey bottle at your reflection in the mirror, the question remains the same: “What am I doing with my life?” […]

Your daily commute isn’t just a time to swear at motorists practice defensive driving. It’s several minutes every day that you can use to knock out tasks, communicate, or devote to personal improvement. In that spirit, presents seven tips on How to Make Your Commute More Productive. Your drive to and from work is […]

When we’re young, time seems immense, stretching out somewhere beyond the limits of our imagination. As we grow older, our clocks tick faster, and we begin to regard time as a precious resource. We start saying things like “where did the time go?” or “time flies,” since there’s little we can do to retrieve an […]