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Thank goodness YouTube is no longer the end-all-be-all of video uploading. There are tons of video sites out there now, and the options for educational and tutorial video hosting sites are so abundant, you might just be missing out by not exploring them.  A new player in the “tube” game is Yobler, which refers to […]

You may have had the opportunity to read this earlier piece on Scott Elias and how to improve Power Point presentations. Dean Shareski adds his two-cents to the discussion in YouTube – PowerPoint Extreme Makeover, which gives concrete before-and-after examples with a few helpful tips. The highlights: More high-quality visuals: use a picture to not […]

Johnny Lee, a YouTube personality and “human-computer interaction researcher” is changing the way we use existing technology through simple modifications, and he’s sharing it with everyone. This amazing demo proves that using something as inexpensive and highly obtainable as the Wii Remote, he can create an interactive whiteboard. Lee explains that while the whiteboard isn’t […]

Do you struggle to explain Web 2.0 to interested but clueless administrators? Social networking, blogging and podcasting can be tough to describe to the uninitiated. If you need succinct explanations of social media to convince your principal to open the school’s firewall for you, show him or her a video by Common Craft. Common Craft […]

Spring is conference season. That means getting out of class, baked chicken hotel luncheons, and another free tote bag to stuff into your closet. If it turns out the conference was overbooked and the chicken overdone, take solace that the event won’t be a total wash if you convert your tote into a messenger bag. […]

Give your foreign language students some extra ammunition. No, I don’t mean teach them obscure French curse words. I’m talking about powerful lessons and practice that can supplement the great stuff you’re already teaching in class. They can get it with LingQ. LingQ lets students sign up for free lessons in the language of their […]

The Online Education Database has hundreds of free online courses for your perusal– 200 to be exact. The database has compiled a list and description of these courses to help hopefuls such as yourself to be able to learn the things you didn’t know already. Who has the time to visit the learning annex every […]

Finally, you can get hold of some DNA for your mad experiments science lab assignment without having to suck it out of amber-encased flies. The folks at Null Hypothesis show you an easy way to extract DNA from a banana. All you’ll need is common household or labhold stuff like rubbing alcohol, dish soap, coffee […]

Now you can teach your students the Japanese art of paper folding. Origami Now! provides video demonstrations on how to fold various origami shapes. Beginners can tackle folding a duck or puppy before progressing to intermediate projects like a water lily. If you feel like a formidable folder, try the Happy Good-luck Bat. Origami looks […]

How many times have you laid in bed, unable to sleep, thinking, “The wall-sized dry erase board in my classroom is just too big?” Never? Me neither. Wall-sized works just fine for me. But if you’re in the market for something smaller- I mean, a lot smaller- Metacafe’s got a 40-second video called Make a […]