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Are you using screencasts yet? For the uninitiated, screencasts are mini-movies that demonstrate how to perform tasks on the computer. And making your own is super-easy thanks to Screencast-o-Matic. Easy to use and incredibly useful – that’s a combo that we at Instructify always appreciate. Screencast-o-Matic uses a transparent frame that you place over whatever […]

Cassette tapes have gone the way of the dodo, to say the least, but that doesn’t mean you have to let those mix tapes disintegrate into oblivion. With this helpful step-by-step guide, you can now digitize your old tapes for the modern age. Whether it be those now extinct children’s sing-alongs or your favorite book […]

Finally, educational comic books students might actually enjoy. Howtoons are single-page comics that provide an illustrated tutorial of kid-friendly science projects like an ice skateboard, or a zoetrope. The illustrations are top-notch, with bright colors and panels to give it that authentic comic book flair without sacrificing clarity in the directions. The projects will definitely […]

Tired of blank faces when you ask the class for their thoughts on Tom Sawyer? How about when you ask if there are any questions about the long division lesson, not a single student raises a hand? You can hardly get kids to pipe down when the morning bell rings, but ask the class a direct question and the first thing you hear is an awkward pause.

In-class discussion is an art, and you’ll probably spend most of your teaching career wondering how to keep kids engaged. Fortunately, in this age of the interweb, you can take advantage of online discussion forums to get the dialogue flowing.

Watch your class go down the tubes. Wait, that came out wrong. You love how sites like YouTube have made it easy to upload videos you want to show your class, right? But you’re a little nervous about telling your students to go there because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of crazy crap on […]

With all due respect to Guitar Hero aficionados, it’s not like you need any musical talent to play it. This should be simple–kids like music and video games. Why can’t there be a game that actually teaches kids to play? After reading that kind of intro paragraph, you’ve probably figured out that there is such […]

Rescue some technology from the trash and stretch your school’s supply budget with this cool project. Does your school have a busted laptop or a flat screen monitor bound for the dumpster? Hack-2-School, a site for design students, shows how you can combine the LCD screen with an old overhead projector to make a wall-filling […]

I’ve always loved hearing the rich tones of people speaking their native tongue. Probably because my high school Spanish class was so full of students (myself included) torturing words and botching the accent. Back then, they equipped us with a cassette tape so we could hear the language spoken correctly. It’s too bad sites like […]

I love being told what to do. I love British accents. This makes VideoJug the perfect site for me. Part YouTube, part, VideoJug is a series of short videos for do-it-yourselfers. Topics covered include how to make a submarine out of a packet of ketchup, how to tie your shoelaces, and how to protect […]

Let’s face it– it takes a lot of visual aid to make history engaging. In order to really get your students focused on the American Revolution or the rise of Charlemagne, sometimes it takes an extra step for them to visually experience the lesson. Luckily for us, that’s what PowerPoint presentations are for. But amongst […]