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Video creation is a great way to present information in the classroom. GoAnimate provides a fun, animated alternative to traditional video projects.

EmbedPlus lets you crop a video, add slow motion, zoom, and even has a live-discussion feature. lets you partner with the government to work on current issues like healthier school lunches, disaster preparedness, and helping the environment.

Google Docs just got a bit more interesting, as you can now upload and share videos in Google Docs.

Khan Academy, and its accompanying YouTube channel, contains more than 1,800 short videos on topics mathematical, biological, chemical, and even historical.

Tom Barrett has created a series of Google Presentations that can provide valuable insight into a wealth of possible technology tools for the classroom.

Kideo Player is a website showcases fun and educational videos for very young viewers by filtering out content inappropriate for young eyes.

There is a lot to like about JayCut, the cloud-based video-editing application. The interface is fairly clean and straightforward. You drag and drop your raw videos, add titles and transitions, layer in music, and more.

If you can spare five minutes, you can learn all about technology and the classroom. This is the idea behind Mark Barnes’ Learn It In 5 website.

With Quiet Tube, anytime you have a video that has extraneous material, just click on the Quiet Tube tab and your browser will bring you to a page with mostly white space (or a black background, if you prefer) and your video. No distractions or inappropriate links.