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BY KEVIN HODGSON If you watched the Super Bowl on television this year, you no doubt caught the Google commercial that told of a love story entirely through search queries. The ad, known as Parisian Love, was effective and I know I wondered — from a writing and teaching perspective — how it could be […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE We’ve touched on several video-capture tools and web-based file-conversion tools. Sometimes, though, you just can’t wait for Zamzar to get around to converting your file. Or maybe the video you need to work with is a local file and your online video capture tool won’t work on a local file. In […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Sometimes I struggle to find quality educational multimedia elements. They either aren’t well made or don’t have much tangible educational value. This, however, is not the case over at in their multimedia section. You’ll find video presentations here on everything from self repairing rubber molecules to a study of honey […]

BY BILL FERRIS Here’s another easy way to download online videos so you can sneak them past the school firewall show your students valuable educational content. Similar to KickYouTube, Savevid lets you download videos simply by entering the URL of a video into the big green window.

BY BILL FERRIS NASA eClips presents lots of great videos that STEM teachers in any grade level will find useful. Through several examples of applied science and math, kids will get a sense of the cool stuff they can do by studying the sciences. Want to see how NASA made Michael Phelps’ swim suit so […]

BY MELISSA THIBAULT Teachers rely on video for reaching different learners, as a resource to help those couple kids who didn’t “get it” the first time around, and as an instructional resource for conveying concepts that are visual and complex.  As the lead science teacher at a high school in Raleigh said recently at a […]

BY BILL FERRIS It’s that time of year again when lazy bloggers rehash old material under the guise of “Best of” lists rather than come up with new stuff. Instructify is no exception. Below are the top 10 Instructify posts of 2009. The rankings were determined via a combination of Google Analytics, retweets, and the […]

BY BILL FERRIS Everyone needs help wrapping their heads around a book from time to time. If you teach literature, that time occurs every day. You can outsource some of the necessary explanation by sending your students to 60 Second Recap, a site that summarizes the plot, characters, and themes of a book in 60-second […]

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE How often have you seen a great discussion-provoking video on the web and thought, “If only I could grab this video and try and work it into a topic I want to discuss,” then you hear the internet laugh at you as you try to save it? How do you use […]

BY BILL FERRIS In our never-ending quest to help teachers get valuable video content in front of their students’ eyeballs, we’ve found this offer: you can download WinX DVD Author and WinX DVD Ripper for free during October. Normally selling for around $30 each, these programs allow you to burn pretty much any video file […]