TechTerms: A Dictionary

February 14, 2013

Sometimes it is challenging to interpret a technologist’s explanation of a problem or to give clear and direct technology instructions to students (or colleagues) because of all of the techno-language we use. Tech Terms is here to help decipher the … Continued

Get your words on the dance floor with Font de Music

March 23, 2011

Sometimes, the tools we stumble upon are just a way to add a little fun into the classroom. Font de Music takes a short sentence and adds a musical backing track, then makes the letters do a little dance to the music. It’s a simple, fun site with some possibilities for examining how multimedia and text influences our thinking around design choices.

Get to know words with Knoword

February 4, 2011

In Knowords, players are given the first letter of a word, then a short definition. From there, they have one minute to type in as many correct words as they can.

VocabGrabber: See the text in new ways

September 3, 2010

VocabGrabber helps students organize, analyze, and understand a reading. Simply paste a passage of text and VocabGrabber generates a word cloud of the most frequently used terms. Clicking a word shows its definition and an example of how it’s used in the passage.

Expand your vocabulary with EasyWords

July 28, 2010

EasyWords runs in the background and, at an interval that you set, presents you with a vocab question. Once you select the correct answer, it goes away again.

Video vocabulary with BrainyFlix

April 17, 2009

SAT/ACT vocabulary flash cards are a popular (and totally boring) way to prepare for the most standard of standardized tests. Brainyflix is a site that aims to change the way kids learn and prepare for these daunting exams. Brainyflix has … Continued

Thank you. No, thank YOU! Thanks-o-meter

March 4, 2009

Do you have one of those classes that skipped some lessons on manners, like saying please and thank you? Do you have language learners who need to increase their vocabulary for social conversation? Is your class stuck in the blahs … Continued