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The Wayback Machine let’s you view every incarnation of your favorite website, from its inception through the present day.

Mozilla is about to open its January semester of their online School of Webcraft, delivering web-development courses that are free and are open to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Enrollment opens January 12.

Kompozer is a free, intuitive web-development application that, for the novice, works a lot like any old word processor, and for the savvy web designer, looks and acts much like Adobe Dreamweaver.

If you’re making a website for class or for your school, consider using Balsamiq’s free mockup tools to lay things out visually before you get into the nuts and bolts of coding.

Weebly is a very simple website maker, and something that teachers might like to use in their classrooms.

BY REBECCAH HAINES As most of you know very well, the day-to-day (not to mention hour-to-hour) tasks of a teacher can be hectic and time-consuming. In addition to actually teaching the warm little bodies in our classes, we have to grade papers, attend meetings, participate in school leadership committees, create bulletin boards, set up for […]

Open Source Alternative wants you to save money by suggesting, well, open-source alternative programs that do the same things as their pricey commercial counterparts, but won’t cost you a dollar (let alone several thousand of them).

BY BILL FERRIS Aviary, the web-based image-editing suite, used to charge for some premium features like saving private files and allowing access to tutorials. I say “used to” because they’ve stopped charging money for it. This is a great development for art and design teachers looking for a viable alternative to Adobe Creative Suite. Aviary […]

BY BILL FERRIS Just because you don’t know web design doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice-looking website. Wix lets you create a Flash-based website from one of their many templates, or build a site from scratch. Here’s a sample site I made in about five minutes. Wix templates allow you to create sub-pages, upload […]

BY BILL FERRIS In this week’s by-the-numbers edition, read about the things you need to know before going 1:1, find the best free web-design tutorials, and read the heartwarming story about how the 112th element finally became a real boy got a name. More after the jump.