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This article discusses the benefits of participating in international collaborative projects, in which two geographically distant classrooms connect via the internet. Includes resources for developing projects, advice and tips for novices, and suggestions for curriculum connections.

Tom Barrett has created a series of Google Presentations that can provide valuable insight into a wealth of possible technology tools for the classroom.

If you can spare five minutes, you can learn all about technology and the classroom. This is the idea behind Mark Barnes’ Learn It In 5 website.

BY REBECCAH HAINES As most of you know very well, the day-to-day (not to mention hour-to-hour) tasks of a teacher can be hectic and time-consuming. In addition to actually teaching the warm little bodies in our classes, we have to grade papers, attend meetings, participate in school leadership committees, create bulletin boards, set up for […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES This article is also posted on LEARN NC. As educators, most of us are familiar with the dreaded School Improvement Plan (SIP). Every few years each school is required to create an extensive, detailed document that outlines its plan for constant improvement until the next document is due. In the interim, success […]

If you’re a PBWiki user, you’ve probably gotten an email that the venerable and easy-to-use wiki app is changing its name. Why they’d want to do such a thing is beyond me — few things have as many positive connotations as peanut butter, in my opinion. Nevertheless, changes they shall make. That means they have […]

Wikipedia is just something we use and we know, so there’s no need to really know where it comes from. It is just internet magic. Okay, so you really must know more about Wikipedia? Are you ready for things to get really meta-abstract? Wikipedia has an entry on wikis, an About page for their site […]

3 Challenges to Wiki Use in Instruction Every teacher’s got a wiki these days. So what do you do with it in class? Integrating a piece of technology doesn’t lend itself to flying by the seat of one’s pants. THE Journal presents 3 Challenges to Wiki Use in Instruction, discussing what factors must be overcome […]

Walden, and 99 other Free Online Books Every Student of Humanity Should Read The Universities and Colleges blog presents this list of 100 classic works of literature in the public domain (that is to say, free). The books are available at Project Gutenberg, which has even more books, once you and your students get through […]

Have you ever seen the words “embed” or “embed code” on a web site, and wondered what that meant? Embed refers to code that you can use to create a small version of a multimedia (visual and/or audio based) Web application on another Web page outside the service that it resides on. For example, you […]