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BY: REBECCAH HAINES Has this situation ever happened to you? You’ve gotten word of a last-minute assembly at school. The daily schedule is about to change, and your classes will only last 30 minutes. That awesome inquiry lab you had planned for today is just not going to make it. So what do you do […]

PDF to Word, recently out of closed beta and now in open beta, touts itself as “The Most Accurate PDF-to-Word Converter.” There are many PDF to Word conversion utilities, both for pay and for free, available on the web these days, but none of the free tools handled pdf files like PDF to Word does. […]

Have you ever received or found a PDF file that you needed to make a few changes to, but either you didn’t have Adobe Acrobat or had no clue how to use that application? Yeah, me too. There are tons of services that allow you to convert those pdf files to Word documents, but the […]

Teachers have a lot to do on any given day, and it can be difficult to find time to sit down and create nice, simple worksheets that perfectly complement your lesson plans or design calendars to help organize both you and your students. Butthanks to the Internet, there are tons of resources you can take […]