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From homophones to the Great Vowel Shift to good ol’ colloquialisms, there are plenty of reasons that the English language has a hard time making the transfer from talk to text. If reading your students’ papers has become tortuous for your grammatical sensibilities, try and have blundering writers figure out what they should of done […]

I have two pet peeves. 1) Poor grammar usage. 2) Comic-Sans. Fortunately, Big Dog’s Grammar is helping to alleviate ONE of the two frustrations, but perpetuating the other. The guide is a quick and painless MLA list of standards that is written and constructed in a very “bare bones” way. This is a great resource […]

In this age of grammatical informality brought on by email, IM, texting, and yes, blogs, I cackled like a bitter old man when I read the headline to Brian Clark’s Copyblogger post, “Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb.” Clark’s list isn’t comprehensive (he left out the “hear” vs. “here” mistake, for example), and […]

In our rush to infuse our lesson plans with tools like blogs, wikis, and other fun words that didn’t exist until a couple years ago, we must remind ourselves this stuff is still new to a lot of teachers. And most importantly, it’s new to a lot of parents and administrators who like things the […]

It’s hard to manage time in a room full of people who want you to waste it. No student is going to remind you to “Get back to the lecture; we’ve had enough tangential dilly-dally.” Meanwhile, the temptation to let the Bill Nye video roll over into the next activity melts away those precious minutes […]