VocabGrabber: See the text in new ways

September 3, 2010

VocabGrabber helps students organize, analyze, and understand a reading. Simply paste a passage of text and VocabGrabber generates a word cloud of the most frequently used terms. Clicking a word shows its definition and an example of how it’s used in the passage.

Story construction with My StoryMaker

September 2, 2010

My StoryMaker is the perfect tool for younger students just learning about plot design and character development for short stories. Hosted by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, My StoryMaker walks students through the process of story creation using a variety of online tools.

Try Crocodoc for collaboration, writing

August 12, 2010

Crocodoc is an alternative to Google Docs that seems to have a lot of the same features, particularly around collaboration and storing of documents online that can be easily accessible from just about any computer.

Find your writing doppelganger at I Write Like

August 6, 2010

The “I Write Like” website is an interesting diversion that could lead to some interesting conversations around text analysis. And it is sort of fun to see which famous writer will pop up when your own piece of writing is put into its analysis engine.

Pulling out the red pen with Paper Rater

June 3, 2010

Paper Rater is an automated tool which analyzes a piece of writing along a set of criteria, including possible plagiarism, grammar and spelling, vocabulary choices, style and more.

Writing stories with Storybird

May 25, 2010

BY KEVIN HODGSON Storybird opens up another door to publishing student written work in the form of picture books. The site, which technically is still in beta, is constructed around the idea of using illustrations and artwork for storytelling. The … Continued