Clean Up Pixelated Pictures with VectorMagic – Instructify

Adventures in Alice Programming Workshop at Duke University
July 24, 2008

Are you someone who hates grainy bitmap images? Well, don’t worry, because now you can fix them without spending an entire month’s rent on an expensive graphics program.

VectorMagic is a free online tool that converts pixel-based images into vector graphics (images that are based on lines, curves, circles, and other geometric shapes). There’s nothing at all to download, nothing you need to install, all you have to do is upload a file and VectorMagic walks you through the rest of the things that you need to do.

If you happen to teach an art class, VectorMagic could be a valuable tool that might help you clean up scanned images too, although it works best on logos and photos. When it comes to logos, there are a lot of websites that look like the logos have literally ben made out of Legos…yuck! VectorMagic is a tool that can help smooth that out and give your brand a boost while you’re at it

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