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Bluehost Plus Hosting Features (2021): Is This Shared Hosting Plan the Best For You?

If you’re on a budget, Bluehost’s shared hosting plans are a good option for hosting your websites. Bluehost offers four shared hosting plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. We review the features of Bluehost’s mid-tier Plus and Choice Plus plans to help you decide which hosting you should choose.

Bluehost Plus & Choice Plus Hosting Features

NameBluehost PlusBluehost Choice Plus
PricingCheck Pricing at Bluehost.comCheck Pricing at Bluehost.com
Unlimited WebsitesYesYes
Unlimited SSD StorageYesYes
Free Domain RegistrationOn your first yearOn your first year
Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)YesYes
Free SSL CertificateYesYes
Free Email30 days of Office 36530 days of Office 365
Free Domain PrivacyNoYes
Free Automated BackupNoYes, on your first year
Support24/7 phone and chat24/7 phone and chat
Free Site RestoreVariesVaries
Free DomainYes, on the first yearYes, on the first year
Site MigrationFree ToolFree Tool
Free EmailYes30 days free trial: Microsoft Email
Customer Support24/7 chat, phone, ticket24/7 chat, phone, ticket
Money Back Guarantee30 days30 days

Major Difference

The Bluehost Plus and Choice Plus are almost the same, save for two added features on the latter

You can install unlimited websites on Bluehost’s Plus Plans or higher

Before we deep dive into the hosting features of Bluehost Plus and Choice Plus, it’s good to know the differences between the two first. Here are their differences in a nutshell (we’ll go over them in more detail in the next sections):

  • The Bluehost Plus and Choice Plus cost the same on your first contract term, but the latter becomes more expensive upon renewal
  • The Choice Plus includes free domain privacy and up to 1 year of automated backup
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Hosting Features

Both Plus Plans offer unlimited websites and storage

Bluehost guarantees excellent uptime

Bluehost’s Plus and Choice Plus Plans let you add unlimited websites and unlimited SSD storage. They also include a free domain for 1 year, so that’s even bigger savings on your first year. Both plans also offer free CDN (content delivery network) by Cloudflare. It’s only the most basic CDN, however, so if you want longer caching for your content, you might end up having to upgrade. You also get a free SSL certificate to keep your site secure and 30-day free access to Office 365.

The Bluehost Choice Plus Plan further features domain privacy, which is not available on the Plus Plan. This means people won’t see your phone number or email address when they look up your domain. You also get 1 year of free automated backup on the Choice Plus Plan, so you won’t need to install a third-party back-up for this purpose.


Bluehost’s Choice Plus Plan becomes more expensive upon contract renewal

You’ll save more if you opt for a longer contract term

The Bluehost Plus and Choice Plus Plan have similar hosting features and monthly cost on your first contract. They both start at $5.45, $6.95, and $7.45 for a 36-month, 24-month, and 12-month contract terms, respectively. Once your first contract term ends, however, the Choice Plus Plan becomes more expensive. At the time of writing, the monthly cost on the Choice Plus Plan renewal rate is $4 USD more than Bluehost’s Plus Plan.


You’ll get more value for your money on the Bluehost Choice Plus Plan during your first contract term

The Bluehost Plus Plan and Choice Plus Plan and their hosting features offer excellent value for money. Their unlimited website and SSD storage make them a great, affordable option for users who run multiple websites. Since they have the same monthly cost on your first contract term, you’re getting more value with the added automated backup and domain privacy with the Bluehost Choice Plus Plan.

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After the first contract term, you can downgrade to Bluehost’s Plus Plan if you’re willing to do the backups yourself. You can add domain privacy to your plan and it will still cost less than getting the Choice Plus Plan upon renewal.


📌 Can I upgrade or downgrade my Bluehost Plus/Choice Plus Plan anytime?

Yes, you can contact Bluehost’s customer service anytime.

📌 Is domain privacy worth the extra cost?

Yes, the added cost of getting domain privacy is worth it since you’ll avoid getting a lot of spam calls or emails.

📌 Is Bluehost billed monthly or annually?

Bluehost bills customers in 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month contract terms. They currently don’t offer monthly billing.

📌 What are the hosting features of the Bluehost Plus and Choice Plus?

Both plans offer unlimited websites, SSD storage, and free CDN. They also include 24/7 support from Bluehost and free domain on your first year.

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