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Cloudways Alternative (2021): Choosing a Better WordPress Host

Many users love Cloudways because of its flexibility and fast performance. It has five cloud partners in total: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. You can then choose among them at differing rates, be it monthly or hourly, and Cloudways will set everything up and allow you to manage your WordPress websites on an easy-to-use dashboard. That sounds simple enough, but it’s not for everybody. Some find it too complicated to use and others find it too expensive to maintain.

That’s where Cloudways alternatives come in. Some of the most popular ones that have a more traditional approach include Kinsta, Bluehost, Flywheel and SiteGround, all of which have options for managed WordPress hosting. RunCloud is also another choice that offers a similar experience as Cloudways with some key differences. Here we take a look at these other options and why you might want to make the switch from Cloudways.

Cloudways Alternative Comparison Chart

 Cloudways AlternativeCloudways AlternativeCloudways AlternativeCloudways AlternativeCloudways AlternativeCloudways Alternative
PriceCheck Price at Cloudways.comCheck Price at Kinsta.comCheck Price at Bluehost.comCheck Price at GetFlywheel.comCheck Price at SiteGround.comCheck Price at RunCloud.io
SSD StorageYesYesYesNoYesYes
WordPress InstallerYesYesYesYes (via Local)YesYes
Free MigrationYesYesYesYesYesYes
Staging EnvironmentYesYesYesYesYesYes
BackupAutomated backupsAutomatic daily backupsDaily scheduled backupsNightly backupsDaily backupsYes (paid add-on)
Emailn/an/a30-day free trial Microsoft emailNoYesn/a
Money-Back Guaranteen/a30 days30 days72 hours for monthly plans, 30 days for annual plans30 days14 days


You’ll always get the help you need from Kinsta.

Cloudways Alternative Kinsta
Kinsta is as robust as they come in terms of features.

Kinsta is known for its excellent 24/7 support and running on Google Cloud, but that’s not all it’s got going for it. Performance-wise, you can expect server-level caching and free CDN. On the security front, it provides a hack fix guarantee, SSL, firewall and malware scans. In addition, Kinsta has uptime monitoring, daily backups, staging and WordPress updates.

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All in all, Kinsta makes everything simple and covers all your bases, so you can dedicate all your time and effort on building your website.


An officially recommended WordPress host, Bluehost delivers where it counts.

Cloudways Alternative Bluehost
Bluehost has everything users need and then some.

Bluehost has been around for years, and it’s more or less become a household name in the industry. It has everything new or migrating users need, including multi-layer caching, CDN, SSL, spam and malware protection, a staging environment and more. 

On top of that, it provides WP-CLI and SSH access for advanced WordPress users and the Jetpack plugin that easily lets users monetize their sites by creating ads with only one click.


Flywheel isn’t just an alternative to Cloudways but also to Kinsta.

Cloudways Alternative Flywheel
Flywheel can be as simple as Kinsta and as fast as Cloudways.

Flywheel is often compared to Kinsta because of how similar they are when it comes to features and performance. It also uses Google Cloud, as well as server-level caching and CDN, delivering speed on par with Cloudways. Additionally, it offers automated daily backups, SSL, firewall and malware scans. It even cleans up your site in the event it gets hacked and gives suggestions to improve its security moving forward.


Another officially recommended WordPress host, SiteGround can provide excellent managed WordPress hosting.

Cloudways Alternative SiteGround
SiteGround can deliver just about anything users need, including email hosting.

There are many reasons why SiteGround is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosts. For starters, it has a Site Tools dashboard that makes managing websites a whole deal easier, and its SG Optimizer plugin is a huge plus that ensures your site is running as fast and efficiently as it could. For the record, it also runs on Google Cloud. 

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It has all the usual features you’d expect, including automatic daily backups, CDN and SSL. As a cherry on top, it offers free email hosting as well, which is something that Cloudways doesn’t provide.


RunCloud and Cloudways have a lot of similarities.

Cloudways Alternative RunCloud
Unlike Cloudways, RunCloud can use a pure Nginx stack.

If you don’t want to break away from the same approach as Cloudways, RunCloud might be your best bet. It’s a PHP cloud server management panel, and it also has WordPress-specific features, including a WordPress installer and staging environment. Moreover, it provides server-level caching, backups, SSL and firewall to boot.

Similar to Cloudways, it can run on a hybrid of Nginx and Apache stack, but it can also be used solely on Nginx. One difference worth mentioning here is users will have to pay their cloud infrastructure provider separately, which is something you don’t have to worry about with Cloudways.


If Cloudways just doesn’t do it for you, then SiteGround and RunCloud are two of the best alternatives around.


Simple Cloudways alternative

Cloudways Alternative


For a similar Cloudways experience

Cloudways Alternative

To sum things up, Cloudways isn’t exactly the easiest to use, and in some cases, it’s the pricier option. For those who know how to make the most out of its services, it’s the solution that’s hard to beat. However, for those who don’t, it might be a better idea to look for an alternative.

SiteGround and Kinsta are arguably the best to go with, but Bluehost and Flywheel are also worth considering. Last but not least, RunCloud is a decent option for those looking for something like Cloudways but want a change of pace.

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📌 Why look for a Cloudways alternative?

Cloudways is by all means an excellent WordPress host, but for some users, it’s not the easiest to use or the most affordable option. Others may also want a different technology stack to Cloudways’ Apache and Nginx hybrid.

📌 What are some WordPress recommended hosting solutions?

In the list above, SiteGround and Bluehost are two of the web hosts that WordPress recommends, which says a lot about the experience users can expect from them.

📌 Which are the fastest WordPress hosts?

Kinsta, Flywheel and SiteGround are considered to be among the fastest WordPress web hosts available, boasting a stable 99.9 percent uptime as well.

📌 Is Cloudways good?

Yes, Cloudways is hard to beat with its unique approach to web hosting and performance. However, it takes some know-how to make the most of its services.

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