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Cloudways Coupon Code (2021): Can You Save Money On Cloudways?

Cloudways is one of the most popular managed cloud hosting providers today. But unlike traditional hosting companies, they don’t own their servers. Instead, Cloudways acts like a middleman offering hosting solutions from third-party suppliers. This means if you require hosting but don’t have the technical skills to manage it, you’ll probably want to look into Cloudways’ services.

Now for individuals or businesses, the question is just how much will you shell out for this type of managed hosting service? Can you get coupon codes? Here, we take a look at the promos and discounts available to help you save money on Cloudways.

Cloudways Hosting Plans Comparison Chart

Cloudways PlansCheck all managed hosting plans here
Hosting ProvidersDigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud
Customer Support24/7 live chat, online ticketing, phone, advanced support
Uptime99.99% uptime guarantee
Content Delivery NetworkCloudwaysCDN
SecurityDedicated firewalls, regular security patching, two-factor authentication

Plans and Pricing

Cloudways offer transparent pricing and flexible payment options

Cloudways hosting providers

One of the best things about Cloudways is its flexible payment option. Whereas most providers will lock you into a contract, Cloudways follows a pay-as-you-go billing scheme. Because of the nature of hosting services, you will only be invoiced an amount that’s based on the resources you’ve consumed. This also benefits users who want to see how resource-usage translates into actual cost. It certainly makes for a more transparent pricing compared to subscription plans.

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Currently, you have five hosting providers top choose from: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud. For the pay-as-you option, you will be billed on an hourly rate. However, you can also opt for a monthly payment scheme if you find it more convenient. Among the providers, DigitalOcean offers the least expensive monthly price at $10/mo. for a plan that comes with 25 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. Amazon Web Services, on the other hand, is the priciest. It’s entry-level hosting plan starts at $36.51/mo.

Cloudways Managed Hosting Plans Price Range

ProviderPrice and Plan Range
DigitalOceanMonthly Price: $10/mo — $1,035/mo.
Hourly Price: $0.0139/hr — $1.4375/hr
Storage: 25GB — 3,840GB
Bandwidth: 1TB — 12TB

Most popular plan: DO4GB
$42/mo or $0.0583/hr
80GB of storage and 4TB bandwidth
LinodeMonthly Price: $12/mo — $1,205/mo.
Hourly Price: $0.0167/hr — $1.6736/hr
Storage: 25GB — 3,840GB
Bandwidth: 1TB — 20TB

Most popular plan: Linode4GB
$50/mo or $0.0694/hr
80GB of storage and 4TB bandwidth
Monthly Price: $11/mo — $385/mo.
Hourly Price: $0.0153/hr — $0.5347/hr
Storage: 25GB — 1,280GB
Bandwidth: 1TB — 10TB

Most popular plan: VULTR4GB
$44/mo or $0.0611/hr
80GB of storage and 3TB bandwidth

High Frequency
Monthly Price: $13/mo — $321/mo.
Hourly Price: $0.0180/hr — $0.4458/hr
Storage: 32GB — 768GB
Bandwidth: 1TB — 8TB

Most popular plan: VULTR4GB
$50/mo or $0.0694/hr
128GB of storage and 3TB bandwidth
Amazon Web ServicesMonthly Price: $36.51/mo — $3,569.98/mo.
Hourly Price: $0.0507/hr — $4.9583/hr
Storage: 20GB across all plans
Bandwidth: 2GB across all plans

Most popular plan: AWS Medium
$86.77/mo or $0.1205/hr
20GB of storage and 2GB bandwidth
Google CloudMonthly Price: $33.18/mo — $1,290.30/mo.
Hourly Price: $0.0461/hr — $1.7921/hr
Storage: 20GB across all plans
Bandwidth: 2GB across all plans

Most popular plan: GCE n1-std-1
$73.50/mo or $0.1021/hr
20GB of storage and 2GB bandwidth

Cloudways Discounts and Coupon Codes

Users can get up to 40% off new Cloudways accounts.

Here are some of the key features offered by Cloudways

If you’re just getting started, you’ll be happy to know that Cloudways offers a free trial. This is only good for three days but it should be enough to familiarize yourself with the Cloudways platform. Keep in mind, however, that signing up with the provider requires a couple of verification steps. Fortunately, the Cloudways support term for free trials is quick to respond via email.

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Another way to enjoy discounts on Cloudways is directly through Cloudways Coupon Codes. This is usually posted live during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. While the company doesn’t disclose the deals publicly, previous sales indicate the coupon codes typically offer a 40% off on all plans for the first three (3) months. Again, take note of the fine print here. Cloudways coupon codes are single-use and non-transferrable. It’s also only valid for new customers.

Third-Party Coupon Codes

Blogs and coupon sites also list discounts for Cloudways.

Several third-party websites list coupon codes and credit offers for Cloudways

If you can’t wait for the next sale period, then consider scouring the net for Cloudways promos. You will find that there are plenty of blogs and third-party websites that offer discounts. These coupon codes are usually specific to the blog or site offering it, but they will typically be a 20% to 40% discount on Cloudways hosting plans.

There are also third-party websites that give free hosting credits. Woblogger, for instance, gives a $30 credit that’s worth about three months of hosting. New Coupons, on the other hand, list $25 and $30 credit offers to fund your Cloudways account.

All these offers are for a limited time only and should be verified before being used. Nonetheless, they’re pretty easy to use. Simply input the coupon code along with the rest of the requested information during sign up. The discounts or credits are then applied upon check out.


Cloudways is a solid managed cloud hosting provider that offer plenty of sign up discounts.

Cloudways DigitalOcean Plans

Best for users starting up or for small organizations

Cloudways AWS Plans

Best for businesses and organized who need flexibility

With its user-friendly interface and pay-as-you-go billing scheme, Cloudways is making hosting solutions more accessible and easier to manage. The hourly billing option, for instance, certainly gives users a better understanding of just how much usage of resources translates in terms of cost. It’s a good way to identify where and how you can save money when it comes to hosting.

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Sign-up discounts are similarly available from Cloudways. Discounts as large as 40% off are typically available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Third-party websites also list several coupon codes to save on your first Cloudways account or credit offers to fund it. Just note that most of these online coupons are a limited-time deal only, and are specific to the blog, site, or even organization offering it.

Our recommendation for users is to sign up for a free trial first. This allows you to talk with Cloudways customer support and get a recommendation according to your needs and pain points. If you’re just starting, however, you might like the budget-friendly options under the DigitalOcean plans. But for businesses and organizations who need flexibility and enterprise-level web hosting, Amazon Web Service is a good choice.


📌 Does Cloudways offer discounts?

Apart from a free trial, Cloudways also offer coupon codes and discounts for new accounts.

📌 Can I try the Amazon Web Service offered by Cloudways for free?

The Cloudways free trial does not extend to Amazon Web Service plans.

📌 Does Cloudways offer phone support?

Cloudways offers a Premium Support add-on that allows users to speak directly with a Senior Support Engineer over the phone.

📌 How long can I try out Cloudways for free?

The Cloudways free trial is good for three days only.

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