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Cloudways vs Vultr (2021): There’s A Definite Winner

Site owners turn to managed hosting providers for many reasons. Not only do these platforms enhance and safeguard your site, but they also know exactly how to handle the technical bits that you can’t seem to wrap your head around. If you think you could use the help of a managed hosting provider, two reliable ones you can consider are Cloudways and Vultr. They do, however, have their differences so it’s important that you choose wisely. To help you decide which one’s better for your site, here’s an in-depth look at their performance, security, ease of use, and pricing.

Cloudways vs Vultr Comparison Chart

PriceCheck Price at CloudwaysCheck Price at Vultr
Data CentersOver 60 locations worldwide17 locations worldwide
Auto-Healing SystemYesNo
Real-Time MonitoringYesYes
SSD StorageYesYes
Security Features-Dedicated firewalls
-Automated data backups
-Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
-Two-factor authentication system
-Routine security patches
-IP whitelisting
Native DDoS mitigation system
Customer SupportLive chatTicketing system


While both Cloudways and Vultr have high-performance networks, the former has more features that boost speed and performance.

Cloudways makes use of advanced caching, auto-healing, and PHP 7-ready servers.

Server speed is extremely important because this makes sure that the visitors on your site don’t experience any annoying lags. Fortunately, Vultr has a high-performance IP network that’s continuously optimized for low latency. To boot, they have 17 locations all over the world so that no matter where you customer might be, they can always experience fast connection speeds. That said, Cloudways has all of these things and more.

For example, Cloudways has a free cache WordPress plugin called Breeze. What Breeze does is that it reduces the size of databases which in turn cuts down response time. Another point goes to Cloudways for having an auto-healing system that makes sure your site never crashes or hangs. And even if it does, this feature will straighten things out for you right away. Cloudways further eases users’ minds by having real-time monitoring, checking up on your servers around the clock to make sure they’re at their optimum performance. Lastly, Cloudways has PHP 7-ready servers to speed things up even more.

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While you can count on both Vultr and Cloudways to enhance the performance of your site, we have to give this round to the latter. Cloudways definitely has more features that boost speed and efficiency.


Cloudways has more security measures in place, including dedicated firewalls, automated data backups, and two-factor authentication.

Vultr sends malicious attacks straight to their own attack mitigation farm.

To keep your site safe, Vultr has a native DDoS mitigation system in place. This means that even if your hosting infrastructure is the target of attacks, it can continue to run optimally. Within seconds of a detected DDoS attack, their system is able to redirect the malicious activity to their own attack mitigation farm and not just any third party service. They do all of this without any increase in latency. While that sounds great and all, Cloudways is unparalleled when it comes to security, boasting of multiple features to ward off the dangers of the cyber world.

Right off the bat, Cloudways will provide you with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so that your visitor’s data is always protected. They’re also equipped with dedicated firewalls, perform regular security patches, and have automated data backups so that you can easily restore your site in the event of a calamity. Even if hackers try to infiltrate your system through your account, Cloudways is one step ahead by having a two-factor authentication system in place. They even have IP whitelisting so that only authorized team members can have full access to your system. Cloudways is so secure that they’ve never been hacked in all the years they’ve been in business.

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Ease of Use

Both Vultr and Cloudways have powerful yet intuitive control panels.

You can track server health and peak activity from Vultr’s control panel.

If you’re new to the hosting world and ease of use is high up on your priority list, you’ll be glad to know that both Vultr and Cloudways don’t make things complicated. With Vultr, you get a powerful yet intuitive control panel that gives you access to a wide range of settings. You can, for example, track server health and see when your peak activity is. You can also deploy powerful servers globally from any kind of device, whether desktop, mobile, or tablet. You can also make use of Vultr’s ticketing system and get technical support via the control panel.

As for Cloudways, they’ve ditched the usual cPanel and Plesk control panels for a custom application called Click&Go. While it might be unfamiliar to many, it shouldn’t take you too long to get used to it. The controls are quite straightforward, allowing you to easily configure server parameters such as RAM, number of core processors, storage space, and bandwidth. You can also troubleshoot, keep track of your resource consumption, and deploy web platforms all from the control panel. Cloudways caters to the more experienced developers out there too, offering more advanced controls that let you clone servers, migrate websites, and schedule cron jobs.


Cloudways is less intimidating thanks to their flexible billing scheme and affordable rates.

You can enjoy cloud hosting for as low as $10 per month with Cloudways.

One of the best things about Cloudways is their flexible billing scheme and affordable rates. With their pay-as-you-go system, you’ll only be charged for the resources you consumed the previous month and no more than that. And if you choose DigitalOcean as your cloud infrastructure, you only need to pay $10 a month. This already gives you 1 core processor, 10GB of RAM, 1TB of bandwidth, and 25GB of storage. Even if you go with their priciest cloud provider which is Google Cloud Platform, $80 per month still seems like a good deal. This gives you 4 core processors, 8GB of RAM, 5TB of bandwidth, and 160GB of storage.

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As for Vultr, their rates for dedicated resources aren’t as budget-friendly. Their cheapest package will set you back $60 per month and while this gives you 2 core processors, 120GB of SSD storage, and 8192MB of memory, it’s a bit much for businesses that are just starting out. Their most expensive package is priced at a whopping $240 per month, giving you four times as much SSD storage. While Vultr’s prices are definitely more intimidating, the upside is that they offer flexible payment methods including PayPal and Bitcoin.


Cloudways is able to create better value for their customers.


Best for most sites


Best for bigger businesses

While both Vultr and Cloudways are reliable hosting providers that are capable of supporting your business, the latter is able to create better value for their users. With Cloudways, not only do you get more features that boost performance and enhance security, but you also get to enjoy them for a fraction of the cost. Because Vultr’s dedicated hosting plans start off at such a steep price, we think they’re a better match for bigger businesses that need more resources.


📌 Which one has more data centers, Cloudways or Vultr?

Because Cloudways makes use of various cloud infrastructures, including Vultr, they have more than 60 locations around the world. As for Vultr, they only have 17 locations.

📌 Which one has better security, Cloudways or Vultr?

Cloudways has more security measures in place, including dedicated firewalls, automated data backups, two-factor authentication, and IP whitelisting.

📌 Which one is easier to use, Cloudways or Vultr?

Both Vultr and Cloudways have powerful yet intuitive control panels. You can easily configure all kinds of server settings in one place.

📌 Which one is more affordable, Cloudways or Vultr?

Cloudways is less intimidating thanks to their flexible billing scheme and affordable rates. Vultr’s dedicated hosting plans start off at quite a steep price, making them a better match for bigger business that need more resources.

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