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Cloudways vs WPX Hosting (2021): It’s Clear Who The Winner Is

If you’ve been searching for a hosting provider for your WordPress site, you’ve probably come across these two names: Cloudways and WPX Hosting. Both are very popular choices among bloggers and online businesses although are they really on the same level when it comes to the quality of service they provide? To help you answer this question, here’s an in-depth comparison of the two, taking their speed and performance, security, additional features, and pricing into consideration. Just to let you know, there’s a clear winner and they’re way ahead of the competition.

Cloudways vs WPX Hosting Comparison Chart

ModelCloudwaysWPX Hosting
PriceCheck Price at CloudwaysCheck Price at WPX Hosting
CDNCloudwaysCDNWPX Cloud CDN
Data CentersOver 60 locationsOver 20 locations
Free SSL CertificatesYesYes
PHP-Ready ServersYesYes
SSD StorageYesYes
Free Site MigrationYesYes
Collaborative ToolsYesNo
CSM SupportWordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and moreWordPress only

Speed and Performance

Cloudways overtakes WPX Hosting in terms of page loading times and uptime guarantee.

Cloudways’ unparalleled performance is all thanks to their SSD drives, advanced caching, and dedicated resources.

The speed of your site is of utmost importance because not only does it affect your visitors’ user experience but it also impacts your ranking in search engine results. For these reasons, Cloudways prioritizes speed and has multiple features in place to keep page loading times at a minimum (400 to 600 milliseconds to be exact).

When it comes to storage, for example, Cloudways uses SSD disks instead of traditional mechanical drives. This makes loading times three times faster. They also have their own proprietary CDN called CloudwaysCDN so that your visitors can use a nearby CDN node instead of having to wait to connect to a distant server. To boot, Cloudways provides each user with their own set of resources (no sharing involved) and they take advantage of an advanced caching system.

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While WPX Hosting’s loading times aren’t bad, they’re nowhere as fast as Cloudways’. Unfortunately, they don’t come close to Cloudways’ performance (otherwise known as uptime) either. With Cloudways, you can expect 100% uptime, meaning your site will be up and running around the clock without any noticeable downtime. As for WPX Hosting, they’re only able to provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee.


WPX Hosting’s security features seem basic if compared to those of Cloudways.

Cloudways protects your site from all angles.

No website is safe from the threats of the cyber world including malicious attacks, hackers, and data breaches. Fortunately, Cloudways doesn’t let anything get by them, offering protection from all angles. While the five big cloud providers they work with already safeguard their networks, Cloudways has their own security measures as reinforcement. Right off the bat, they’ll provide you with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so that your visitors’ data will always be kept safe. They’re also equipped with dedicated firewalls and perform routine security patches.

Even if attackers try to infiltrate your system via your account, Cloudways is one step ahead because they have a two-factor authentication login process in place. Cloudways even has an IP whitelisting feature so that only chosen team members can have unlimited access to your system. Finally, Cloudways also has your back in the event of a calamity. By having off-site backups of your data, they can easily restore your site whenever needed.

As for WPX Hosting, they have their own suite of security features which includes free SSL certificates, daily malware scanning, and DDoS protection. Although decent, these measures are quite basic if compared to those of Cloudways.

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Additional Features

Cloudways wins for having a wide selection of collaborative tools.

Cloudways makes it easy to be productive with a larger team.

If you already have an existing site and would like to transfer its data to another hosting provider, both Cloudways and WPX Hosting make it easy to do so via their free site migration feature. Another thing they have in common is their one-click WordPress installation feature which allows you to create a brand new WordPress site in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to collaborative and productivity tools, however, Cloudways takes the cake yet again. They have features that let you add team members, create projects, generate individual SFTP credentials for your team members, test out new themes, plugins, and apps without breaking your site, as well as clone your servers and make copies of your sites. These features are extremely helpful if you’re working with a bigger team. Another unique thing about Cloudways is that they support other CSM platforms besides WordPress such as Joomla and Drupal.


Cloudways offers better value for money than WPX Hosting.

Cloudways has affordable rates and a pay-as-you-go billing scheme.

One of the biggest advantages of signing up with Cloudways is their flexible and transparent billing scheme. With a pay-as-you-go system in place, you’ll only be charged for the resources you consumed the previous month and no more than that. To boot, their rates are pretty affordable considering the kind of value you get with them. If you choose DigitalOcean, for example, you only have to pay $10 per month and this already gives you free SSL, 24/7 support, a dedicated staging environment, full security, and many more. Their most expensive cloud provider is Google Cloud Platform which costs $80 per month.

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As for WPX Hosting, they stick to a more traditional pricing model by having fixed plans in place. It’s worth noting too that these plans aren’t exactly affordable. Their most budget-friendly one will set you back $20.83 per month which is double the amount of Cloudways’ lowest rate. This might be a turn off for those who are just starting out with their online business. As for WPX Hosting’s most comprehensive package, it will cost you $83.25 per month which is in the same range as Cloudways’s highest rate.


Cloudways is the winner in all aspects.


Best for most sites

WPX Hosting

Best for simpler WordPress sites

It’s pretty obvious by now who our winner is. Cloudways is the better hosting provider in all aspects, whether it be speed, uptime, security, and bonus tools. It doesn’t hurt either that you can enjoy their top-notch service for rates that won’t break the bank. While WPX Hosting isn’t a bad hosting provider by any means, it seems like they’re more suitable for simpler WordPress sites that can do with less robust features.


📌 Which one offers better performance, Cloudways or WPX Hosting?

Cloudways overtakes WPX Hosting in terms of page loading times and uptime guarantee thanks to their 60+ data centers all over the world and top-notch hardware and software.

📌 Which one has a wider range of features, Cloudways or WPX Hosting?

While both Cloudways and WPX Hosting have free site migration and 1-click WordPress installation, the former wins for having a wide range of collaboration tools. With Cloudways, you can add team members, create projects, test out new themes, plugins, and apps without breaking your site, and many more.

📌 Which one is more affordable, Cloudways or WPX Hosting?

Cloudways offers better value for money than WPX Hosting. They have a pay-as-you-go billing scheme and their rates are quite affordable.

📌 Are Cloudways and WPX Hosting secure?

Yes. Cloudways has two-factor authentication, dedicated firewalls, and routine security patches while WPX Hosting has malware scanning and removal and DDoS protection. Both hosting providers offer free SSL certificates.

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