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DreamHost Coupon Code (July 2020)

Save over 50% on web hosting at the DreamHost Flash Sale, with hosting plans starting at $2.59/mo.
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DreamHost Coupon Code (July 2020)

If you’ve landed here, you’re most likely trying to save money on DreamHost. Chances are, you’ve also been searching the Internet for phrases like “DreamHost coupon codes” or “DreamHost discount” trying to find the best coupon out there…

If that’s true—stop right now! Why? Because we’ve partnered exclusively with DreamHost to bring you the best discount that you’ll find ANYWHERE on the web! We spent time talking (yes, talking—like with a real person) to DreamHost directly to bring you the best of the best, so you can stop wasting your time on fake sites and other coupons that don’t work.

Our exclusive DreamHost coupon code lets you sign up for pricing at $2.95/month, which is over 50% off their full standard prices. We can easily say, without a doubt: this is the best DreamHost deal you’ll ever get, anywhere on the web!

Really quickly—if you happen to decide to order your DreamHost account using our coupon (definitely not a bad idea), we might get a tiny compensation payment. This doesn’t change our recommendations, reviews or information at all, we just believe in transparency!

On top of our DreamHost coupon being the best that you’ll find anywhere, we also aren’t sure just how long they’ll keep this pricing active, so if you are really thinking about DreamHost—it may be a smart idea to take advantage of it now!

To capture our exclusive up to 74% off DreamHost coupon, simply click (or tap) on the button below to activate your discount and get started before they take this deal down or change it!

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DreamHost Coupons & Promo Codes – Why Use Our Discount? (Hint: It’s the Best!)

One of the most frustrating things about looking around on the Internet for DreamHost coupons, discounts or promo codes is that so many of them are fake and don’t work. It’s a shame that this is true, but unfortunately it is. There are so many scammy sites that have you click their DreamHost coupon link, and once you get to the site you see that the pricing isn’t any cheaper than the regular price.

Why does this happen? Well, what they did was cookie your browser and get credit for a referral, despite the fact that they didn’t even give you a coupon. Pretty shady, right? Essentially, they tricked you into clicking their link without actually giving you and kind of discount. Not cool…so not cool. Here’s what makes our DreamHost promo code different:

1) Our Freaking Coupon Works!

Yes, it’s sad that this is the number one reason why you should use our coupon, but there are just so many scammy sites out there that almost all of the existing DreamHost coupons on other sites don’t even work. So many of these sites offer large discounts, but it’s mostly just a bunch of BS, and once you click through you’ll see the price is $5.95/month or some nonsense. You can click through to DreamHost and easily see that our price is $2.59/month, and it’s REAL and IT WORKS. Let that sink in!

2) Instructify Works Directly with DreamHost to Offer this Deal

This means that we’ve actually had conversations with DreamHost to lock down this deal. We aren’t some fly-by-night website offering fake discounts and coupons—and if you click through to our deal, you’ll see that DreamHost has created a special landing page with our logo and more discounts and freebies. This is not something you see very often!

3) DreamHost Has a Staggering 97-Day Money Back Guarantee with the Instructify Coupon Code

Yes, you read that right—97 days, which is over 3 months of time to test out DreamHost and if you don’t like it, you’re able to get a full refund on shared web hosting. This means that you literally don’t have anything to lose, so if you decide that DreamHost wasn’t a good fit, well, you’ll get your money back and can search for another host.

4) You Absolutely Cannot Find a Cheaper Price for DreamHost Anywhere on the Internet

We’re 100% sure that if you scour the Internet, you can’t come across a better deal on DreamHost than our coupon. We looked and looked when talking to DreamHost, and we confident that this is absolutely the best discount around. If you do happen to find a cheaper price—shoot us an email so we know! Then we can reach out to DreamHost about keeping our deal the best and getting that price.

5) We Use DreamHost on a Regular Basis

Instructify isn’t a random shady affiliate website—we’re geeks who love building sites and teaching other people how to do it too. We don’t recommend garbage hosts and we also use every single one of the hosting companies that we recommend. This means that you can rest easy knowing we aren’t pushing some junk we’ve never tried. DreamHost is legit, and we can definitely recommend them without hesitation!

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Still Trying to Decide If DreamHost Is Right for You?

DreamHost is an excellent web host, and there are a few reasons why:

  • Their pricing is amazing with our coupon
  • They’ve got great chat support
  • They protect user privacy like crazy (seriously, they do—search the web and you’ll see)
  • They’re still owned by the people who started the company in their dorm room

If these reasons aren’t enough, you might be interested in looking into some of our reviews and comparisons, like DreamHost vs. Bluehost to get an idea of how DreamHost stacks up against other hosting companies. We made these comparisons so that you could get an excellent idea the strengths and weaknesses of different hosting companies.

With all that said, we highly recommend DreamHost! They’ve really stepped up their game over the years and have an excellent offering at a great price when you use our exclusive DreamHost coupon. And with a 97-day money-back guarantee on shared hosting accounts, there’s really no way to go wrong!

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