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SiteGround Coupon Code (May 2020)

Save up to 70% on web hosting and WordPress hosting plans at SiteGround
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SiteGround Coupon Code (May 2020)

Discount Verified Active Today – May 31, 2020

Scouring the web for a SiteGround Coupon? Having a hard time finding one that a) works b) isn’t fake c) actually provides a discount? We bet you are!

The problem with most SiteGround coupons and codes is that they’re on websites that lie about the discount, specifically, what you’re pay. For example, with our discount code, you’ll pay $3.95/month, which represents up to 67% off of the full retail price with fees. Don’t believe that our discount is actually $3.95? Well, you can click through and see!

The thing is, we hate sites that are scammy and lie about the actual price of a coupon. Even more, we hate sites that show you those fake half-peeled labels to reveal a discount code—all they want you to do is click through and sometimes they don’t even give you a deal or tell you the price. Guess what the price is with our discount? $3.95! You can activate your discount now to see!

Oh hey—just to let you know, if you buy hosting using our link, SiteGround might give us a commission. We’ll still tell it like it is though no matter what!

Activate SiteGround Discount Now!

One thing that’s also important to know about these types of coupons (and hosting coupons in general) is that they often change or are taken down by the hosting companies. The reason for this is that the promotional offers run out, or they’re oversold, and they have to take them down so they don’t lose any money.

So, will this offer get taken down or cancelled? It might! So if you’re considering SiteGround, now is a great time to actually buy in order to grab this deal before it expires or is removed for one reason or another.

SiteGround Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes – Why SiteGround Is Worth It

If you’re on this page, you’re definitely thinking about SiteGround as a web host. Changes are that you’ve already decided to purchase and are just looking for the cheapest way to do so. However, it’s possible that you’re just trying to find out what the cheapest price is for SiteGround, so you’re looking at coupons to fine out (it’s $3.95/month BTW, and you won’t find a better deal than our coupon).

That said, we thought we’d outline some of our favorite SiteGround features in case you’re still trying to decide!

Things That Make SiteGround Awesome (Besides Our Awesome Discount):

Here’s a short list of reasons why we are in love with SiteGround as a web host for all the things!

SiteGround’s Support Rocks Our World

SiteGround literally has some of the best support you’ll find anywhere. In fact, we’d seriously put them up against WP Engine and any of the top WordPress hosting companies when it comes to support.

They primarily funnel most new support inquires into chat, which is a common practice by many web hosts. However, a lot of web hosts have really sucky chat systems—you wait forever, the technician on chat doesn’t know anything, and they often can solve your problem and just push you to a ticket anyway—and that’s after 45 minutes combined of waiting/chatting.

Well, not SiteGround—they’re insanely effective at solving problems in chat. We’d probably estimate that at least 9/10 times we talk to support it’s been solved in chat, only reserving ticket support for a bigger problem. And waiting? Well, it just doesn’t happen very often. Honestly, we’ve had better luck overall and faster responses from SiteGround’s support than WP Engine lately, which is saying a lot because SiteGround costs about 10% as much!

Our SiteGround Coupon Code is Packed Full of Freebies

There are tons of different free goodies and freebies that come along with using our link to purchase a SiteGround account.

For example, a free SSL certificate comes with our link. This is typically in the form of a certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt, which is a super easy way to implement an SSL. But the freebies don’t stop there! Our link also includes free email, and best of all—a free website builder.

This is especially helpful if you’re someone who isn’t well-versed with website building, but you want to have a great looking website. With a website builder, you can create something that looks nice and professional without knowing how to code in HTML or PHP. Of course, you can also use WordPress, but some people prefer to make static sites. Last but not least, our SiteGround coupon comes with free CloudFlare which is incredibly useful to help make your DNS more secure and also to speed up delivery of your site content.

SiteGround is Super Fast (Like, Really Fast)

Most people nowadays know that having a fast site is important—but do you really know why? Well, first of all, search engines prefer fast sites (because people prefer them too). So, if you’re trying to make sure that as many people as possible can find your site, you definitely want it to be fast (SiteGround can help with this).

Also, if you want people to actually like your site then it needs to be fast too. When it comes to load times, people really have less patience nowadays and expect them to be 3 seconds or less. SiteGround is excellent at optimizing WordPress for fast load times with their SuperCacher plugin. This is a built-for-WordPress plugin that essentially ties into 3 levels of caching (including memcache) in order to help pages load faster. On top of that, SiteGround is optimized on their backend to manage resources very effectively (many shared hosting companies don’t do this well). So, when it comes to speed, it’s really hard to lose with SiteGround.

The Folks at SiteGround Are WordPress Ninjas

Considering that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) nowdays, any hosting company you’re considering should have a fair amount of experience with WordPress. Not only is SiteGround experienced with WordPress, but they’re actually one of the best out there! How is this possible for $3.95/month (which is almost nothing)? We’re really not too sure, but what we do know is that they rock!

Whenever there’s a problem, their chat support technicians always seem to be very familiar with WordPress too, which is incredibly helpful if you have a problem that needs quick troubleshooting or you’ve got an error that you need a hand with.

SiteGround Has an Awesome 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re on the fence about buying web hosting, a money back guarantee is an amazing thing to have. This is because there’s really no risk to trying the service. Essentially, you get to test it for a full month (30 days) and if you happen to dislike it, you don’t have to worry because they’ll refund your money completely (provided you cancel within the 30 day period, of course). And of course, it’s a “money back” guarantee, so you have to pay first and then you’ll get a refund if you don’t like it, but that’s typically how all web hosting works—SiteGround is no different here.

It’s Crystal Clear That SiteGround Represents the BEST Value in Web Hosting Available Today

We really don’t think this is up for debate—SiteGround, in our opinion, represents literally the best value in web hosting today anywhere on the web. Sure, there are hosts that are cheaper, or have different products, but literally no one can touch what SiteGround offers for the money! The speed, the support, the freebies (with our SiteGround promo code), the service, the features—the list goes on! And at $3.95/month, it’s super cheap. Really, you can barely even buy lunch for that much money—but that much money buys you an entire shared server to host your website for a month—pretty incredible stuff! If you’re ready, just click the orange button and sign up for SiteGround—we honestly think you won’t regret it!

Activate SiteGround Coupon Now!

Bonus Reason to Use Our SiteGround Coupon—We ACTUALLY USE SiteGround Every Day!

The name of the game when it comes to web hosting review/affiliate sites is to pretty much throw as many people into the funnel for the highest payout commission hosting company, regardless of quality. Obviously at Instructify, we don’t subscribe to that nonsense—if something stinks or is no good, we’ll definitely tell you.

So, when we recommend SiteGround you know that it’s good, because we don’t recommend crappy products. How do we know it’s good? Well—how about this—check to see where Instructify is hosted, and you’ll see it’s on SiteGround, so how about that for an endorsement? See, we don’t just recommend SiteGround, we actually use them every day. We trust them enough to host our own website with them…so what does that really tell you about how we feel? It tells you that our money is where our mouth is, that’s for sure! So, if you’re considering SiteGround, take our word for it and give them a try—we honestly believe you be very happy!

Try SiteGround Today!